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Ideas for End of Year School Trips

The perfect way to end the academic year. (25 May 2020)

How Can School Trips Abroad Improve Your Students' Language Skills?

An educational school trip abroad gives students to test their language skills in real life situations with natives (18 May 2020)

A Guide to Planning a School Trip Abroad

Our guide created to help support you throughout the planning process of your next school trip. (11 May 2020)

Ensuring Health and Safety on School Trips

Educational tours are statistically one of the safest environments for students to be in, and risk assessments play a key part in this. (04 May 2020)

Geography school trips sure to inspire and motivate your students

Our range of specialised Geography trips providing students the opportunity to learn and discover more about the world we live in and the environmental issues facing us in the future. (27 Apr 2020)

How to Make a School Trip Memorable for Your Students

Our tips for making educational visits for students the most valuable and memorable learning experiences (20 Apr 2020)

Our West End Show Review: Come from Away

A West End Show is the perfect way to end a day exploring London. Members of our team review one of London's latest shows, Come from Away (20 Feb 2020) (14 Apr 2020)

How to Engage Your Students on a Maths School Trip

Educational tours to France are a popular destination for college or school trips due to its close proximity to the UK and diversity of learning and cultural experiences. (09 Apr 2020)

Planning a Normandy school trip

Normandy, in Northern France, with its beautiful coastline and pretty seaside resorts together with its easy journey from the UK make it a very popular destination for a school trip. (08 Apr 2020)

Why Are School Trips Important For Students?

All young people need the knowledge, skills and understanding to live in, and contribute to, a global society and this begins with an understanding of the world in which we live, including the languages, values and cultures of different societies. (07 Apr 2020)