It’s Not Just the Students Who Can Benefit From Learning Outside the Classroom


School trips are educational and stimulating experiences for students, but it’s not just only they who can benefit from trips abroad. International school trips not only give the teachers an opportunity to foster more positive relationships with their students, but it can also help them to gain new skills and experiences that will have a positive impact within the classroom itself.

Learning outside of the classroom gives staff the opportunity to strengthen relationships with both colleagues and students, and allow them to see qualities in their students, that they may not have otherwise noticed before.


As most teachers know, not everyone learns best by listening, but some by doing, which can be difficult for teachers to put into place in every day lessons. Being out in a new environment can engage students that may not have had much of an interest beforehand, therefore creating a more positive environment in the classroom and as a result, improving their performance in class.

Reinforcing information taught at school in the real world will give students a better understanding whilst getting a hands-on, once in a life time experience and create a more positive environment when returning to the classroom.  

Above all, we like to hope that teachers can learn a lot whilst on an educational tour too! 


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