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School Trips to Cologne

School trips to Cologne, provide students with a trip to the Rhineland’s economic and cultural capital. With over 2000 years of history, Cologne is the oldest of the major German cities and famous for its Cathedral, a UNESCO world Heritage Site. Each December the city is transformed as world renowned Christmas markets attract visitors from all over the world.

Students can take a panoramic boat trip on the Rhine or visit a wide choice of museums. School trips to Cologne are also great for Film and Media studies as Cologne is also Germany’s leading city for film, radio and television production. The city has an active art scene making it a great destination for a school trip or educational tour.

Top Visits in Cologne

<p>Rhine River Cruise</p>

Rhine River Cruise

<p>Chocolate Museum</p>

Chocolate Museum

<p>German Sports &amp; Olympic Museum</p>

German Sports & Olympic Museum

<p>Cable Car</p>

Cable Car

<p>Cologne Christmas Market</p>

Cologne Christmas Market

<p>Phantasialand Theme Park</p>

Phantasialand Theme Park

<p>Bimmelbahn Mini-Train Ride</p>

Bimmelbahn Mini-Train Ride

<p>Marksburg Castle</p>

Marksburg Castle

<p>Cologne Cathedral</p>

Cologne Cathedral

Popular Cologne Itinerary

Day 1


Depart school by coach for Calais.


Arrive Cologne and check in to your accommodation.


Guided Walking Tour of Cologne.


Day 2


Visit to the Chocolate Museum.


Visit to the Sport & Olympic Museum.


Swimming or Bowling.


Day 3


Visit to Phantasialand Theme Park.


Meal in a local restaurant.


Day 4


Visit to Cologne Cathedral.


Depart by coach for Calais.


Arrive at school.


Top Tips from Our Travel Experts

"Cologne is a beautiful city, the largest of the Rhineland, a key centre of culture with an impressive array of sights to enjoy. The best way to take in all the views is with a river cruise down the Rhine, as this runs straight through the centre of the city; of special note is the magnificent Cologne Cathedral, whose twin spires dominate the skyline at the centre of the picturesque old town. Cologne is impressive all year round, but if looking for that something extra special, we’d recommend a winter visit, when the Christmas markets set up shop and take your breath away!"

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Christmas Market

Modern Foreign Language

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