Inspiration for your next Science Trip

School trips focusing on science can be extremely varied depending on the discipline you wish to emphasise. However, the good news is that science is everywhere and wherever you choose to take your students, there is always something to challenge and inspire them, from exciting space centres, to interactive museums where they can take part in fun educational workshops.

Berlin is the perfect place to support the Science curriculum. With practical experimentation at the  Spectrum Berlin Science Centre and Learning Lab and Berlin Zoo and aquarium with over 9,000 animals and 800 species, there is so much to discover. Add in some cultural sights and you will not be disappointed with Berlin.

San Francisco’s Silicon Valley, the most innovative region in the world, is home to Apple, Google and Facebook and the perfect destination to inspire the next generation of programmers and coders.

The beautiful and cultural city of Geneva with its dramatic views of Mont Blanc, surrounded by the Alps and Jura mountain, is a top choice for a science visit. As well as increasing their knowledge in science, students get to travel, experience another culture, broaden their horizons and create amazing lasting memories.

 Really happy with the service, everything was clear and we were able to complete trip without a hitch.
-The Sweyne Park School

There are so many destination choices, here a just a selection. If you have a specific place in mind or would like some help in choosing a suitable destination, please contact us to discuss your options with one of our experienced Tour Consultants.