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Food Technology & Hospitality School Trips

Our range of Food Technology & Hospitality school trips give students a great opportunity to gain practical knowledge and be expired by another cultures food and food production.

Italy, the home of the pizza and pasta, has many other culinary delights to offer. Naples is known as the ‘soul of Italy’ and the region is renowned for its love of food and the fertile land creates the perfect conditions for citrus fruits, olives and vines to grow. Local delicacies include olive oil, mozzarella cheese and the delicious creamy gelato. Traditional products made near Florence include balsamic vinegar, Parmesan cheese and wine; we can arrange visits to see these products being made or where they are grown and then prepared for distruibtion.

Bustling Barcelona is an inspiring city for any student studying food technology and hospitality as there are plenty of food experiences and tapas to taste! In addition, students can go on a guided tour of a luxury hotel and visit a winery and champagne cave where they can learn about the production process.

No list would be complete without Paris as its gastronomy is renowned worldwide. The list of food producers happy to demonstrate their craft to school groups include chocolateries, patisseries and boulangeries.  A visit to the Rungis Market, the largest wholesale market in the world for fresh produce, is a must. To get a taste of more rural French fare take a visit to the Opal Coast region of Northern France to explore key food technology themes of production, preparation and nutrition.  Visits include a local boulangerie, sweet factory or for the more adventurous a goat or snail farm. 

Not so well-known for its gastronomical delights is Belgium but large numbers of firms use the region as a base for production, processing, packaging and operations. It is also renowned for the fine chocolates and gourmet beers they produce and export around the world.

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