European Day of Languages – Language skills are a necessity and a right for EVERYONE

Every year the 26th September is European Day of Languages where all Europe member states are encouraged to discover more languages as part of, or alongside, their studies.

Plurilingualism is promoted by the Council of Europe, together with the European Commission, who believe that “linguistic diversity is a tool for achieving greater intercultural understanding and a key element in the rich cultural heritage of our continent”. Their main promotion message is that “Language skills are a necessity and a right for EVERYONE”.

On the Council for Europe’s website you can find further useful information such as interesting facts about languages, resources to help teachers promote languages and even a facility to test your language skills!

“Globalisation and patterns of business ownership mean that citizens increasingly need foreign language skills to work effectively within their own countries. English alone is no longer enough.”

“Learning other peoples' languages is a way of helping us to understand each other better and overcome our cultural differences.”

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