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English Trips to Stratford Upon Avon

Stratford-upon-Avon is the birthplace of William Shakespeare and is unsurprisingly steeped in culture and history. Set in the beautiful rural Warwickshire countryside, on the banks of the river Avon, it is one of the most important tourist destinations in the UK.

School trips to Stratford upon Avon are an inspired choice because it gives students the chance to visit to the famous Swan Theatre, a modern theatre space based on the design of playhouses in Elizabethan England, as well as Shakespeare's Birthplace and Holy Trinity Church, his actual burial location.


Curriculum Topics Key Stage 4

English Literary Heritage
Roles & responsibilities of theatre producers
The work of live theatre makers: performers, designers, directors, producers

Curriculum Topics Key Stage 5

Literary Genres: Shakespeare
Theatrical processes and practices in interpreting and performing theatre

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Places to Stay

Reasons to Visit

Shakespeare Birthplace Museum

The half-timbered house where William Shakespeare was born in 1564 is Stratford's most cherished historic place. It is the most frequently visited of all the tourist places. Descendants of the dramatist lived there until the nineteenth century, and it has been a place of pilgrimage for over 250 years.

William Shakespeare Tour

Take a guided walk through the town and hear the special stories about Stratford's most famous son, William Shakespeare and discover the places connected with his life and his family such as the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, the Shakespeare Centre, Shakespeare’s birthplace, Nash’s House and Hall's Croft.

Shakespeare's Birthplace Workshops

The half-timbered house where William Shakespeare was born in 1564 is Stratford's most cherished historic place. Workshops are delivered by a team of experts and are informative and inspiring, bringing Shakespeare and his works to life. Students explore ideas in depth and are illustrated with materials from their our world-renowned library and archive.

Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity is on the banks of the River Avon and is probably England's most-visited Parish Church. As well as being a thriving Parish Church, it receives many thousands of visitors each year on account of the fact that William Shakespeare was baptized here, served as a lay rector of the church, and is buried in the chancel.

Shakespeare's Houses Pass

Passes are available for two, three, four or five houses and can be used over 2 days. Sites include Shakespeare’s Birthplace, Mary Arden’s Farm, Anne Hathaway’s Cottage & Gardens, Hall’s Croft, and Nash’s House and New Place.

Bancroft Gardens

The Bancroft Gardens are located on the River Avon adjacent to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. The wide grass lawns and gardens offer a stunning view, and the backdrop of the river compliments this perfectly. The Bancroft Gardens also display the magnificent swan fountain, Gower memorial (featuring Shakespeare and four characters from his plays) an array of statues, flowers and seating areas.

Anne Hathaway's Cottage & Gardens

Anne Hathaway's Cottage is situated one mile from Stratford-upon-Avon and offers a cultural wonder in that it is the childhood home of Shakespeare's wife. This thatched cottage is often described as the most romantic in England and is said to be the location of which Shakespeare courted his late wife. The cottage displays many rare family items including furniture and students can also enjoy a delightful Woodland Walk within its grounds.

Butterfly Farm

School trips to Stratford upon Avon also offer an opportunity to visit Europe's largest butterfly farm, home to many of the world's most beautiful butterflies, in an exotic environment of tropical blossom with splashing waterfalls and fish filled pools. See the amazing lifecycle of a butterfly in action in the Caterpillar Room, as well as some of the world's largest and most camouflaged caterpillars, cocoons and giant silk moths.

Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle ranks amongst the most popular of all Britain’s many historic attractions due to its size, picturesque location and turbulent history. The castle was created as a fortification in AD 914, to protect the small hilltop settlement from Danish invaders who posed a threat to the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia, and was later enlarged by William the Conqueror who turned it into a motte and bailey fort in 1068. The Private Apartments contain a display of waxwork figures, showing how the rooms would have looked in the late 19th century. Across the River Avon is the Island, where jesters, archers and craftsmen show off their skills in the summer months alongside re-enactments of battles and tournaments.

Falstaff's Experience; Tudor World

Falstaff's Experience Tudor World is a multi award winning museum of Tudor life, which includes a gift shop and theatre, along with day and night time events. Within the labyrinth of rooms, visitors can experience the sights, sounds and smells of 16th century England and Stratford. Set within one of Stratford's most historic buildings, the museum is educational and fun.

Swan Theatre

The Swan Theatre, belonging to the Royal Shakespeare Company, is located in a Victorian Gothic Structure on to the side of the larger Royal Shakespeare Theatre. The theatre has a deep thrust stage and is galleried, intimate auditorium holding around 450 people and does not only play the works of William Shakespeare.

Shakespeare's Schoolroom

Step into Shakespeare’s Schoolroom & Guildhall and immerse yourself in sixteenth century Stratford. Sit in the very room that William Shakespeare sat as a pupil in the 1570s, visit the Council Chamber where his father served as Bailiff (Mayor) and experience the space where young Shakespeare first witnessed performances by the country’s greatest actors of the day. Participate in a Tudor Schoolroom lesson and brush up on your Latin!

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