Planning a Normandy school trip

Many of your students will have heard of Normandy through history textbooks or domestic history trips. As a location, not only does it have strong links to British history, but is a melting pot of other cultures and languages, making it a culturally engrossing as well as a convenient location.

From the Mont St Michel to the D-Day landing beaches and the Peace Museum in Caen, there are plenty of excellent town and city excursions to keep your students busy.

Normandy is also a melting-pot of people and languages, a crossroads where cultures and ideas, artefacts and produce, have met and mingled, giving it a rich cultural heritage.

Students can also visit producers of many French delicacies from cheese and butter to cider and Calvados all made in the traditional manner. A great place to immerse your language students to enhance their language skills and deepen their understanding of the culture of France.

 Brilliant itinerary. Students got so much French.  They really enjoyed them and were really educated​.
Henrietta Barnet School