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School Trips to Belgium

Belgium is Europe in a nutshell; a great melting pot of culture and language forming the centre of the European Union. Flanders in the north has great art cities such as Antwerp, Bruges and Gent while the capital Brussels is one of the world's most cosmopolitan cities.

For Politics, Business and Economics students Brussels, as the European capital of politics and business and one of the world's most cosmopolitan cities, Brussels is a great choice. It is home to both the European Union and NATO, as well as a wealth of international trade and finance institutions. Brussels is also a hub for science and innovation with excellent visits such as the Euro Space Centre, one of the largest Planetariums in Europe and the House of Science Liege which covers Physics, Chemistry and Biology. For Food Technology trips a large number of firms use the region as a base for production, processing, packaging and operations and students can visit Concept Chocolaterie and In Bev Breweries to see the production in process.

Finally, the beauty of Brussels is intensified during the Christmas Markets season due to all the beautiful and twinkling festive decorations.

Top Visits in Belgium



<p>Grand Place</p>

Grand Place

<p>Concept Chocolaterie</p>

Concept Chocolaterie

<p>National Bank of Belgium Museum</p>

National Bank of Belgium Museum

<p>Euro Space Centre (South Belgium)</p>

Euro Space Centre (South Belgium)

<p>Sea Life Centre</p>

Sea Life Centre

<p>Canals of Bruges</p>

Canals of Bruges

<p>In Bev Breweries</p>

In Bev Breweries

<p>Waterloo Battlefield &amp; Wellington Museum</p>

Waterloo Battlefield & Wellington Museum

<p>Port of Antwerp</p>

Port of Antwerp

<p>Coca-Cola European Visitors Centre</p>

Coca-Cola European Visitors Centre

<p>Blegny Coal Mine</p>

Blegny Coal Mine

<p>Council of the Euopean Union&nbsp;</p>

Council of the Euopean Union 

<p>Mechelen Fruit Auction</p>

Mechelen Fruit Auction

<p>European Commission</p>

European Commission





<p>Brussels Chrsitmas Market</p>

Brussels Chrsitmas Market

<p>In Flanders Field Museum</p>

In Flanders Field Museum

<p>Museum of Contemporary Art (Gent)</p>

Museum of Contemporary Art (Gent)

<p>The PASS Museum</p>

The PASS Museum

<p>Supreme Headquarters Allied Power Europe (SHAPE)</p>

Supreme Headquarters Allied Power Europe (SHAPE)

<p>Museum of Contemporray Art MUHKA (Antwerp)</p>

Museum of Contemporray Art MUHKA (Antwerp)

<p>Planetarium of the Royal Observatory of Belgium</p>

Planetarium of the Royal Observatory of Belgium

<p>Mini Europe (Brussels)</p>

Mini Europe (Brussels)

<p>Walibi &amp; Aqualibi</p>

Walibi & Aqualibi

<p>Royal Museum of Art History (Brussels)</p>

Royal Museum of Art History (Brussels)

<p>Magritte Museum (Brussels)</p>

Magritte Museum (Brussels)

<p>Royal Museum of Fine Arts (Brussels)</p>

Royal Museum of Fine Arts (Brussels)

<p>Belgian Comic Strip Centre (Brussels)</p>

Belgian Comic Strip Centre (Brussels)

<p>Reben&#39;s House (Antwerp)</p>

Reben's House (Antwerp)

<p>House of Science Liege</p>

House of Science Liege

<p>Living Tomorrow</p>

Living Tomorrow

Popular Brussels Itinerary

Day 1


Depart school for Calais.


Arrive Brussels and check in.


Visit Living Tomorrow Exhibition.


Day 2


Visit Concept Chocolate.


Guided tour of National Bank of Belgium.


Meal in a local restaurant.


Day 3


Day trip to visit Port of Antwerp, In Bev Brewery and Coca-Cola European Visitors Centre.


Meal in a local restaurant.


Day 4


Visit to the EU Commission Visitors Centre.


Depart by coach for Calais with free time at Citi Europe for shopping.


Arrive at school.


Top Tips from Our Travel Experts

"Belgium has so much to offer, on our doorstep. Amazing Christmas markets in Brussels, Ghent, Leuven, Antwerp and Bruges each December, with chocolates and gifts galore. Battlefields and war graves in Ypres, Waterloo and Passendale for the historian in us and a number of political and business studies visits. It is less than 2 hours from London by train or 1-2 hours by coach from Calais, dependent on your destination. Do make sure to save some room after dinner for a waffle, nowhere do they taste better!"

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