Our Favourite Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) School Trip Destinations

We all learn best when we experience things first-hand, this is particularly true for students learning a Modern Foreign Language (MFL). As well as meeting people and surrounding the students in the native foreign tongue, they get to experience of the food and lifestyle and gain a deeper understanding of the culture and help overcome our cultural differences.

The experience will strengthen their listening and conversational skills and the trip will help give a purpose to learning the language by developing their interest and love of the language. Our school trips can be tailored to exactly the right level to make practising and understanding the language both fun and interactive providing excellent preparation for speaking exams and building confidence in their abilities.

We can help you inspire your students by travelling with us on a MFL school trip. Here is a rundown of our top MFL destinations.


French Language Trips



Bursting with culture, elegance and cosmopolitan flavour, Paris is a global center for fashion, art and food. With iconic sites to visit such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and the Notre-Dame cathedral Paris is a great choice for the bustling city vibe.



For a more relaxed atmosphere and Mediterranean climate, Nice in the Cote d’Azur has a picturesque old town and tangible Italian influences which gives it a very distinct culture. Soak up the atmosphere on a stroll down the famous Promenade des Anglais and visit the bustling flower, fruit and vegetable markets in Cours Saleya.



The Opal Coast

An area filled with natural beauty, the Opal Coast in Northern France, stretches from the Belgian border in the North to the Somme estuary in the South and offers a taste of real France without the need for a long journey. The coastline has many elegant French seaside resorts to visit, local cuisines to taste and offers easy access to many historical sites.



With its pretty seaside resorts, Normandy in Northern France, has plenty of excellent town and city excursions to keep your students busy. From the Mont St Michel to the D-Day landing beaches and the Peace Museum in Caen, Normandy is a melting-pot of people and languages, a crossroads where cultures and ideas, artefacts and produce, have met and mingled, giving it a rich cultural heritage.   



The city of Lille has a vast and rich history, the attractive centre is nestled around the Grand Place and is resplendent with classic French architecture, extensive art collections and is lined with cafes and restaurants with a Flemish atmosphere. The lead up to Christmas is a great time to visit when the town centre is turned into a spectacular winter wonderland.



Spanish Language Trips



Both a seaside resort and bustling city, Barcelona offers varied opportunities for students to explore the culture of Spain and develop language skills. From Gaudi’s works to the Nou Camp Stadium, there are many sides of the Spanish culture that will enhance students’ learning. 




As the capital city of Spain, seat of government, and residence of the Spanish monarch, Madrid is the political, economic and cultural centre of Spain. It is a bustling and energetic metropolis that buzzes in a way that only a capital can,  and is the perfect place to practice Spanish language and get a taste of that special "madrileño" spirit.  




Spain's third largest city, Valencia is content to let Madrid and Barcelona grab the headlines while it gets on with being a thriving and very liveable city. Combining sandy beaches, rich history, breath taking architecture and incredible cuisine Valencia is bursting with Mediterranean exuberance and is a perfect destination for a Spanish language school trip.




The home of the passionate flamenco, the dramatic bullfight, beautiful Moorish architecture and the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains, Andalucía encapsulates the essence of Spain. Choose to stay in a coastal resort or a charming inland town.




For a truly inspirational destination, the coastal region in the north of Spain is a mixture of scenic coastal resorts, stunning mountain landscapes and prehistoric caves. Relatively undeveloped and authentically Spanish it is a great place to immerse your students in the language and culture.



German Language Trips



In recent years the city has become a culturally diverse, dynamic, exciting and a student-friendly capital at the forefront of European youth culture. Our range of visits and activities will allow your group to explore the city and develop their language skills among native speakers.




The capital of the Rhineland has its famous cathedral which is a fabulous example of Gothic architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers a selection of visits that are both educational and fun. It is perhaps most enchanting in the lead up to Christmas when the city is transformed by seven Christmas markets which are some of the best on the continent.



Italian Language Trips


The amazing range of classical and historical sites in Rome, and its location at the centre of the Roman Catholic Church, make it a superb destination for students of Italian language, culture and history. It is also a lively and modern European city with plenty to keep your group inspired and entertained.




One of the most unique cities in the world, Venice built on over 100 islands, will enthral with its nearly 400 bridges and maze of alleyways. It is an incredible synthesis of art and history and is an undisputed treasure of the culture of Veneto and of its artistic heritage.





With its formidable galleries, treasure-crammed churches, sculptures, paintings and architecture, Florence offers a rich cultural experience. Additional day trips are also on offer to the beautiful cities of Siena, Pisa, Assisi, Venice and Volterra.



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