Sky-Rocket Spanish Language Skills on a Student Trip to Spain

Everywhere you visit on an educational trip to Spain offers value if your students are studying the Spanish language. Your group could learn to cook up local cuisine to develop their knowledge of Spanish foods or chat with a Spanish native while buying a book or trinket from one of the many stalls at the local markets.

With destinations like Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Cantabria and Andalucia, this culturally rich country has a host of unique visits for your students. Are you searching for inspiring ideas on where to take your Spanish Language students? Well, if you need a little helping hand, here are some of our favourite experiences and visits.


Give your students a thrill at Port Aventura (Barcelona)

Throw in a couple of rollercoaster rides on your school trip, and you’ve got your students hooked! As well as being a great bonding experience, during an excursion to Port Aventura they can provide Spanish language handbooks for your students to complete as they explore the theme park; a remarkable way to sky-rocket your students’ Spanish language skills.

They’ll have a thrilling time dipping, diving and turning on the coasters and improving their language skills! If you’re interested in booking a Spanish language trip like no other, why not take a look at our Spanish Language Trips to Barcelona?


Learn about Tiki-taka at the Bernabeu Stadium (Madrid)

Home to Real Madrid F.C, the Bernabeu can house a whopping 81,000 people. Your young football fans can marvel as they explore the stadium of this world famous team, from the VIP box to the changing rooms.

With a modern audio-visual room that students can find among the uncountable trophy exhibitions, they can immerse themselves in some of the greatest matches in Real Madrid F.C history, with enthusiastic Spanish commentators relaying the magic moments.


Taste some wonderfully cooked cuisine (Any city)

Do any of your students have dreams of becoming a chef? Well, now’s their chance to shine! Arguably one of the tastiest dishes in the world, paella can include a variety of indulgent ingredients wherever you visit in Spain. But one thing that remains the same is the cooking process.

Your students will head down to the local market to pick fresh ingredients for their cooking masterclass and then begin to create their take on this typical Valencian dish following tips and advice from the Paella maestro. The chef can challenge students’ Spanish language skills by dipping in and out of English depending on their language needs and abilities.

Think your students would enjoy an experience like this? We have many Spanish Language Trips to Valencia for you to explore.


Play Spanish language games at Cabarceno Nature Park (Cantabria)

Are you looking for something outside of the tourist capitals of Spain? Our Spanish Trips to Cantabria offer some more greenery in the form of picturesque mountain landscapes and countryside.

And the Cabarceno Nature Park is the ideal place to take your students if you’ve been studying animals and nature. This is the largest animal park in Europe, home to over 100 animal species from five continents. A trip around this magnificent park can incite some fun language games as you battle to spot the roaming creatures.


Say ‘Hola’ to your perfect Spanish language trip

Are you ready to take your students to explore the nation of the language they are learning?

A student trip to Spain is a truly insightful and memorable experience, with educational opportunities around every corner.

Contact us today to discuss your unique requirements. Don’t forget we can assist in creating a fantastically fun and engaging itinerary for your trip.