10 Best European Cities For A History School Trip

History is a fascinating subject and taking your students on a school trip is a perfect way to bring the subject to life to help them understand first-hand the complicated reasons behind world history. Here are our chosen top 10 European cities for a history school trip:


WWI & WWII Battlefields

A WWI Battlefield trip is where students have the opportunity to experience and help comprehend the events of 1914-1918.  WWI visits include some of the world’s most famous battlegrounds, memorials and cemeteries in the Somme, Ypres and Verdun locations. For WWII visits, the D-Day Landing Beaches of Normandy provide many museums and information centres helping to increase awareness and knowledge of the period including Utah and Omaha Beach Museums.



For students of 20th Century history Berlin is the perfect destination, whether it be as the seat of the Weimar Republic where the "Final Solution" was passed or partition and the front line of the Cold War. Top visits include Belin Bunker Tours, Holocaust Memorial, Topography of Terror, Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate and Stasi Prison.



The city of Nuremberg was an extremely important location from 1933, each year 500,000 National Socialists from all over Germany converged upon Nuremberg for a week. The Zeppelin airfield, which still exists today, was built especially for Nazi parades.  Top visits include Memoriam Nuremberg Trails – Courtroom 600, Documentation Centre Nazi Party Rally Grounds and Germanisches National Museum.



Munich’s place in 20th century history is dominated by its association with Hitler and as the birthplace of National Socialism and a visit will help deepen students understanding of the rise and fall of the Third Reich. Munich is a great choice to twin center with Nuremberg. Top visits include Dachau Concentration Camp, Eagles Nest, The Munich Documentation Centre and the White Rose Movement Exhibition.



Vienna is a beautiful and impressive city to visit and is rich in history from being the centre of a huge Empire to its Nazi past and role in the Cold War. The magnificent Schonbrunn Palace is one of the most important architectural, cultural, and historic monuments in the country and the equally impressive Hofburg Imperial Palace was the former principal imperial palace of the Habsburg dynasty rulers.  Other top visits include the Museum of Military History, Austrian Resistance Archive, Jewish Museum and Judenplatz Exhibition.



The history interest for Krakow is its place at the centre of World War II.  Students can really get to grips with life under Nazi occupation as they tour the streets that formed the Krakow Ghetto which achieved notoriety as a place of starvation and disease.  Other top visits are Auschwitz-Birkenau, Crazy Communisut Tour of Nowa Huta, Oskar Schindler Museum and Galicia Jewish Museum. A visit to Krakow is both poignant and enlightening and sure to add depth to your students understanding of the subject.



Amsterdam has a Historical Museum which takes you on a chronological trip through Amsterdam’s 800-year past.  For students of Second World War history the Kamp Westerbork Concentration Camp has a museum which houses a permanent exhibition with many original photographs, documents, drawings, paintings, images, maps, and objects.  Other topical visits include Anne Frank’s House, the Jewish Historical Museum and the Dutch Resistance Museum.



Paris, the birthplace of the Revolution, has a wealth of historical monuments and landmarks that will give students an insight into a pivotal period in European history. There are many top visits including the impressive Chateau de Versailles, the Les Invalides Army Museum where Napoleaon is buried and the La Conciergerie Military Fortress that later became a prison and where Marie-Antoinette was held during the Revolution.



Rome is a beautiful place to visit and offers a variety of historical and cultural references which has had a great impact on much of the world’s history including the building of the Roman Empire, the creation of the Catholic Church and Fascism. Top visits include the ancient Roman sports arena, The Coliseum and the Pantheon built as a temple to all gods. The Time Elevator Roma is a multi-sensorial attraction that tell 3000 years of Roman History from Romulus and Remus up to the present day in an exciting, fun and unique way.



With 2000 years of history, including plague, devastating fire, civil war, the blitz, terror attacks and mass demonstration, London has fantastic opportunities for students to expand their knowledge on any historical theme including the Roman Conquest and WWII. Top visits include Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Tower of London, The Cutty Sark, Cabinet War Rooms and the Museum of London.


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