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School Trips to Berlin

If you’re considering an educational visit to a place that captures European culture and history, have you considered a school trip to Berlin? Berlin manages to encapsulate all that is modern about Europe, whilst not forgetting its turbulent past.

Berlin is a world-class city of culture, politics, media and science. Students of any discipline will find experiences that enhance their learning and ensure they have a school trip to Berlin they'll never forget, whether the focus is on art, history, psychology, business or language.

What are the benefits of an educational trip to Berlin? 

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Berlin has undergone a building boom and has truly shed the ills of the past to establish itself as a funky, dynamic and creative city.  The city boasts some of the most impressive monuments you are likely to see in Western Europe, most with an incredible story behind them, including; the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, Holocaust Memorial and Berlin Wall.

Walk through the city centre and admire the inspirational architecture and beauty of the city. School trips to Berlin are packed with chances to learn and have fun, perfect for classes of any age or interest. We design our Berlin school trips to ensure your students get the most out of their visit. We prioritise maximising educational value, so your students can extract invaluable real-world experience and learning opportunities during their time in one of Europe’s grandest cities. 

The expansive range of cultural influences and settings in Berlin provides ample learning opportunities for students across various subjects. For students on a historical school trip, venues such as the Holocaust Museum uncover the harsh reality of life during the Second World War. For students who study any of the STEM subjects, an educational science trip to Berlin provides amazing insights into the world of engineering and technological innovation.

Choose EST for an unforgettable Berlin school trip for your group

We believe in making practical learning and hands-on experience in real-world scenarios accessible for all students. So, that’s why we collaborate with teachers to execute itineraries that suit your requirements. Visiting a symbolic city like Berlin can be hard to navigate and pinpoint exactly the type of attraction and venues that will best serve the learning objectives. 

But, you can lean on your dedicated Tour Consultant for advice and support throughout the entire journey, from initial enquiry until the culmination of your Berlin school trip. You’ll also gain access to the My Tour Manager app, the perfect travel companion to make sure your school trip to Berlin goes smoothly. 

Our Berlin school trip highlights include...

School trips to Berlin are sure to engage and excite students. How do we know? We’ve organised many trips to the German capital and we receive excellent feedback from the school groups who have visited Berlin. 

Some of the highlights of an educational trip to Berlin include:

  • The Berlin Wall Memorial 
  • Museum Island 
  • The Holocaust Memorial and Museum 
  • Reichstag Building 
  • Brandenburg Gate 

Start your Berlin journey today

Contact us today to discover how we can help you to organise your next school trip to Berlin. Or, if you like what you see and are ready to get the wheels in motion for your trip, you can request a quote below. 

Top Visits in Berlin

<p>Berlin TV Tower</p>

Berlin TV Tower



<p>Berlin Zoo</p>

Berlin Zoo

<p>Berlin Film Museum</p>

Berlin Film Museum

<p>Charlottenburg Palace</p>

Charlottenburg Palace

<p>East Side Gallery</p>

East Side Gallery

<p>Potsdamer Platz</p>

Potsdamer Platz

<p>Berlin Life Science Learning Lab</p>

Berlin Life Science Learning Lab

<p>BMW Motorcycle Plant</p>

BMW Motorcycle Plant

<p>Topography of Terror</p>

Topography of Terror

<p>Wallmuseum Haus - Checkpoint Charlie</p>

Wallmuseum Haus - Checkpoint Charlie

<p>Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum of Contemporay Art</p>

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum of Contemporay Art

<p>Spree&nbsp;River Cruise</p>

Spree River Cruise

<p>Bauhaus-Archiv Museum of Design</p>

Bauhaus-Archiv Museum of Design

<p>Tour of the Olympic Stadium</p>

Tour of the Olympic Stadium

<p>Babelsberg Film Studios</p>

Babelsberg Film Studios

<p>Brandenburg Gate</p>

Brandenburg Gate

<p>Berliner Dom</p>

Berliner Dom

<p>Berlin Wall Panorama by Asisi</p>

Berlin Wall Panorama by Asisi

<p>Volkswagen Autostadt Wolfsburg</p>

Volkswagen Autostadt Wolfsburg

<p>Berlin Bunker Tours 1918-1945</p>

Berlin Bunker Tours 1918-1945

<p>German Museum of Technology</p>

German Museum of Technology

<p>Wannsee Conference Memorial House</p>

Wannsee Conference Memorial House

<p>DDR Museum</p>

DDR Museum

Popular Berlin Itinerary

Day 1


Check in at UK airport for flight to Berlin.


Arrive at your accommodation and check in to your accommodation. 


Visit to Reichstag Dome.


Day 2


Walking Tour to include Brandenburg Gate, Potsdamer Platz and Holocaust Memorial.


Visit the Topography of Terror.


Free time in Potsdamer Platz and evening meal.


Day 3


Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp.         


Berlin Bunker Tour.


Bowling and evening meal.


Day 4


Tour of the Olympic Stadium.


Transfer to the airport for return flight.


Arrive at school.


Top Tips from Our Travel Experts

Berlin is easily accessible from most of the UK and we have some fantastic hotels there of a very high standard. It is great for different subjects meaning groups can combine if they need to increase their numbers. The people are friendly and its cheap and easy to get around. My top tips are:

1. Book as soon as you can. Some visits book up more than six months ahead, so be quick to avoid disappointment.

2. Familiarise yourself with the public transport system before you travel. It is very efficient and easy to use – as long as you prepare ahead of time.

3. If you are studying multiple eras of Berlin’s history, consider organising your visits by topic instead of geographical convenience.

4. We have lots of different types of restaurants available, from traditional German sausages, to American burgers or Indian curries.

5. Climb the Reichstag building at night – the views from the top are fantastic. This is a fun, free evening activity.

View our TOP Subject Specific Visits


Modern Foreign Language


Film & Media Studies

Business & Economics

Art & Design

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Knowledge and Experience

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  • We create itineraries are bespoke and individual to your needs
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Safety and Assurance

  • We are assured and founder members of the School Travel Forum.
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Financial Security

  • Our ABTA membership ensures that we offer you and your parents the best financial protection available. 
  • All flights sold in our packages are covered under our ATOL licence providing further peace of mind
  • Committed to sustainable and responsible educational travel. Working to offset carbon emissions, reduce deforestation and provide wildlife habitats.

Berlin Gallery

<p>The Reichstag Building</p>

The Reichstag Building

<p>Brandenburg Gate</p>

Brandenburg Gate

<p>Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp</p>

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

<p>Tiergarten Memorial</p>

Tiergarten Memorial

<p>Franzosischer Dom</p>

Franzosischer Dom



<p>Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp</p>

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

<p>Holocaust Memorial</p>

Holocaust Memorial

<p>Memorial to Politicians who opposed Hitler</p>

Memorial to Politicians who opposed Hitler

<p>Olympic Stadium Tour</p>

Olympic Stadium Tour

<p>Brandenburg Gate</p>

Brandenburg Gate

<p>Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp</p>

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

<p>Tiergarten Memorial</p>

Tiergarten Memorial

<p>Topography of Terror</p>

Topography of Terror

<p>Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp</p>

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

<p>Berlin Wall</p>

Berlin Wall