5 Benefits of going on a business field trip

There are so many benefits when it comes to embarking on business school trips for high school students. Not only are these field trips a great opportunity for students to learn new skills, but they can also provide a chance for students to grow in confidence too. 

Business field trips for high school students can provide a compelling and practical approach to learning by giving pupils the chance to see businesses in action and how they operate on a day-to-day basis. 

This opportunity will enrich a student's classroom learning by providing real-world context to the theories being taught in the classroom.


The power of business field trips for high school

For example, suppose students are studying marketing theory. In that case, a business field trip to a marketing agency will help them to see how the theory is put into practice in the business world. This will help them relate and can help them absorb the information and retain it.

In addition to this, business field trips for high school students can also be an excellent opportunity for students to network and build relationships with peers and professionals alike, especially those in the business world. This can be highly beneficial for students looking to start their own business or pursue a career in business.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg, here are 5 benefits of arranging a business field trip for high school students.


1. Students can learn new skills on business field trips

Skills can include developing their problem-solving and team-building skills. These important lessons will be lifelong and useful in and out of education. In order to grow a business, it's important to innovate, and problem-solving allows students to do just that. 


2. Business field trips for high school provide contextual learning

Gaining Cultural Capital is a huge benefit for all students at any stage in education,  but it’s particularly beneficial to those studying business in high school. By visiting various companies and meeting dynamic visionaries, students get to see how businesses are founded, how they grow, and how they work internally. 

Each business is different, so each experience will provide unique insight and individual learning opportunities, especially if they visit businesses in different countries. 

Going abroad on a business field trip for high school students will allow them to see business from a completely different perspective. Other countries will have various practices and customs that are unique to their culture and ways of life. This can be fascinating to students and give them a well-rounded approach to the rich variety of business. 


3. A way to engage and retain information

Business field trips for high school can help students learn about different aspects of the business world, such as marketing or finance. These areas play a part in most businesses in some shape or form, so it's crucial for students to learn as much as they can.


4. Inspiring future career paths

It’s never too early for students to discover hidden passions and business field trips for high school help your pupils learn more about themselves and what they may want to do in their future careers. 

When pupils get the opportunity to see how businesses are run, especially in other parts of the world, and the impact they have, it can inspire them to realise hidden passions and golden nuggets of ambition and possibility for the future.


5. Making connections, building communication

Business field trips can help students build their network whilst building on their negotiation and communication skills. Being able to reach others and promote concepts is something that is a benefit to any business. These skills are transferable and a considerable advantage when learning about business in high school.

It's clear that not only are business trips for high school hugely beneficial, but they are also a lot of fun!

Business field trips can be a precious experience, especially for high school students, not only to learn new skills but to develop existing ones and of course, their confidence. 

When you take your students on high school business trips, they taste the real business world and have unique experiences they may not get elsewhere.

But most importantly, business field trips for high school can help your students better understand the classroom material.


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