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German Language School Trips to Berlin

 In recent years the city has become a culturally diverse, dynamic, exciting and student-friendly capital at the forefront of European youth culture. Our range of visits and activities will allow your group to explore the city and develop their language skills among native speakers.

There’s really no better way to reinforce your classroom-based learning than by surrounding your students with native speakers and engaging them in the culture and daily rhythms of German life. With our unsurpassed destination knowledge, you’ll get an itinerary that includes the right balance of cultural experiences that target language-focused visits and workshops. These will help give your students greater confidence in their language skills and the chance to enjoy an unforgettable taste of German culture. 

Curriculum Topics

Key Stage 4

  • Identity and culture
  • Local area, holiday and travel
  • Future aspirations, study and work

Key Stage 5

  • Regional culture & heritage
  • The world around us

Prices start from£489pp

Popular itinerary

Our sample itinerary provides you with an idea of the visits you can cover during your trip. We can tailor-make an itinerary to support your specific learning outcomes.

Morning Afternoon Evening
1 Check in to UK airport for flight to Berlin Arrive and transfer to your accommodation Guided Walking Tour of Berlin
2 Guided Tour of the DDR Museum Visit to the Story of Berlin Bowling and evening meal
3 Visit to Berlin Wall Documentation Centre Evening meal with free time at Potsdamer Platz
4 Transfer to Berlin airport for return flight Arrive UK, onward travel to school
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
Morning Check in to UK airport for flight to Berlin
Afternoon Arrive and transfer to your accommodation
Evening Guided Walking Tour of Berlin
Morning Guided Tour of the DDR Museum
Afternoon Visit to the Story of Berlin
Evening Bowling and evening meal
Afternoon Visit to Berlin Wall Documentation Centre
Evening Evening meal with free time at Potsdamer Platz
Afternoon Transfer to Berlin airport for return flight
Evening Arrive UK, onward travel to school

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Places to Stay

Reasons to Visit

Language School

A great way to integrate with a native German speaker, lessons can be tailored to your requirements from a 45 minute session to 3 hours tuition. Students receive a certificate of achievement at the end.

German Language Tours

Familiarise yourself with the German language on a walking tour of the city. These can be themed to suit the topic of your choice and can be conducted entirely in native German or a mixture if required.

TV Tower

Discover Berlin 360°at the TV tower. From 203 and 207 metres high you can look out over the entire city with its large number of tourist attractions: you can see the Reichstag Parliament building, the Brandenburg Gate and the Main Railway Station from here, as well as the Olympic Stadium, Museum Island and Potsdam Square. Groups can also take part in an immersive 15 min VR experience and time travel through 9 centuries of Berlin's history.

Potsdamer Platz

Once a dormant wasteland where the Berlin Wall stood, Potsdamer Platz is the new downtown centre of Berlin with city apartments, shopping, leisure and restaurant facilities. Not strictly a square, the area has both an American plaza feel provided by The Sony Centre and that of a tree-lined European capital, the result is a lively buzzing atmosphere your students will love.

"Story of Berlin" Scavenger Hunt

Especially designed for school groups who want to explore independently, there is a workbook and questionnaire which students have to work on during their tour through the exhibition. These can be downloaded from their website in advance of your visit.

Spree River Cruise

A cruise along the River Spree flows through old and new Berlin and is a great way to see the city from a different angle. The Historical Tour is a one hour round trip; highlights include Palace of Republic, Berlin Cathedral, Museum Island and the Reichstag.

Tour of the Olympic Stadium

The site's conception is characteristic of the architecture of the Third Reich, and the Olympic Stadium remains typical of this style. Today, it hosts major events and concerts featuring international stars.


It is estimated that 30 - 35,000 victims died at Sachsenhausen. The parade ground stands before two remaining barrack blocks. One is now a museum and the other a memorial hall and cinema where a film about the history of the camp is shown hourly, on the hour.

Wallmuseum Haus - Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie was the best known border-crossing of Cold War days. The spot remains a must see sight in Berlin with huge historical and emotional resonance. The Museum, contains the best documentation available on the many escape attempts from East to West. The original Checkpoint sign, a symbol of the division, is still exhibited here.

DDR Museum

The DDR Museum is one of the most-visited museums in Berlin. It is the only museum which concentrates on everyday life in the DDR and one of the most interactive museums in the world. See, touch, feel and experience the actual conditions of Germany’s Socialist past. Exhibits include a living room with the original GDR smell; apparently normal but bugged by the Stasi.

Berlin TV Tower

Do you want to discover Berlin 360°? Then you’re in just the right place at the TV tower. From 203 and 207 metres high you can look out over the entire city with its large number of tourist attractions: you can see the Reichstag (Parliament building), the Brandenburg Gate and the Main Railway Station from here, as well as the Olympic Stadium, the Museum Island (Museumsinsel) and the Potsdam Square (Potsdamer Platz).


The Funkturm, known colloquially as "langer Lulatsch" ("lanky lad"), offers a wonderful panorama over Berlin. The total height of the filigreed construction is 150 m; there is a restaurant at 55 m, and a viewing platform at 126 m. By day, it offers a panoramic view over the city's houses, the Grunewald forest and the surrounding lakes; by night, visitors can marvel at a city awash in a glittering sea of lights.

Reichstag & German Parliament

The home of the German Parliament the Reichstag building is a must see. Even from its conception, the Reichstag has had a turbulent history. Kaiser Wilhelm I in 1884 needed three attempts to lay the foundation stone, the Kaiser did not like the Reichstag. Not only would the Reichstag in its completion stand higher than the City Castle it would represent a new political wave in the country.

Even after 10 years of construction in 1894, the Kaiser Wilhelm II who had not taken power raged that the building was the ‘pinnacle of bad taste’. The Parliament building has reflected the turbulence of German history. The Parliament building has been destroyed and rebuilt many times throughout its history.

Between 1994 and 1999, the Reichstag was redesigned and expanded by the British architect Sir Norman Foster. The accessible glass dome and roof terrace making the new structure an iconic piece of architecture in the city. Since 1999, the German Bundestag has been conveying in the Reichstag building.

They do a range of tours for children that give a real insight into the long and exciting history of the building.

Spree River Cruise

A cruise along the River Spree flows through old and new Berlin. The Historical tour: a one hour round trip, highlights include Palace of Republic, Berlin Cathedral, Museum Island and the Reichstag.

Berliner Dom

The Cathedral of Berlin is the largest church in the city, and it serves as a vital centre for the Protestant church of Germany. Reaching out well beyond the borders of the parish and of Berlin, the cathedral attracts thousands of visitors, year after year, from Germany and abroad.


The fastest elevator in Europe takes you to the Panoramapunkt viewing platform at Potsdamer Platz 1. From a height of 100 metres, there is an excellent view over the east and west of Berlin. No other viewing point in Berlin offers such as a fascinating view over the entire city, as well as a view of German history. The Panoramapunkt on the top of the Kollhoff-Tower is located directly on the line of the former Berlin Wall at Potsdamer Platz.

Berlin Zoo

The Berlin Zoological Garden is the oldest and internationally most well-known zoo in Germany. Opened in 1844 it comprises an area of 35 hectares and is located in Tiergarten, Berlin centre. With almost 1400 different species and around 14,000 animals the zoo presents the most comprehensive collection of species in the world.

Charlottenburg Palace

Charlottenburg Palace is the largest palace in Berlin, and the only surviving royal residence in the city dating back to the time of the Hohenzollern family. The palace was badly damaged during the second world war but has since been reconstructed. The palace and its gardens are a major tourist attraction.

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What You Say

I liked how easy it was to gain entry to all the places that were arranged for us. The system worked well...Very good service overall. Would use (EST)again. Bartholomew School

This was my first time organising such a trip. The fact that everything went so well is down to EST - Thank you!  Hellesdon High School

This is the 3rd trip to Berlin we have run with EST, and we have had even more positive feedback than usual from the students and their parents.  Queen Elizabeth II High School

The level of service received was exceptional. Thank you!  Longsands College

The entire team were amazing...I have organised school trips for years and this was fantastic. Walbottle Campus Technology College‚Äč

The location of this hotel is ideal and I would definitely be happy to go back here! The walking tour and tour of the Olympic stadium were excellent. They were both pitched really well for the pupils and gave just the right amount of information. I would definitely book these for a future trip. The information provided is always excellent.  Castlehead High School

I would say that nothing else could be improved in terms of planning.  Right from asking for a quote, EST have been helpful throughout. A fabulous itinerary!  Students really enjoyed every aspect. Everything was really well organised and suited to the students.  It would be hard to say what they enjoyed the most! Moulsham High School