How School Trips to France Enhance a Student’s French Language Skills

When it comes to learning a new language, there is no substitute for immersing yourself in a country's culture where that language is spoken. This is why French language school trips to Paris are a particularly impactful way to encourage long-term learning.


Here are 10 of the most inspiring and meaningful reasons why French language school trips to Paris are always a fantastic idea!


1. A practical approach to learning

Students can practise their language skills in a real-life setting. This is particularly useful because it helps them to see how the language is actually used, rather than just learning it from a textbook. Taking a trip to a native-speaking country helps students experience the language in a more organic and meaningful way.


2. Practice with the locals

When in France, your students have the opportunity to meet native French speakers and experience authentic regional tones and accents. This is valuable because it means they can practise their speaking skills with people who are fluent in the language


3. Soak up French history

When on a French-language school trip to Paris, students can learn about French culture and history first-hand. This is necessary because it helps develop their understanding of the language and its origins. Having this deeper level of context and understanding makes learning the language more straightforward and more enjoyable.


4. Visit iconic landmarks

During a trip to France, your students can visit some of the country's famous landmarks and tourist attractions. These special visits are an excellent opportunity to take photos and create lasting memories of the trip, and who doesn't want a scenic selfie in Paris?


5. Amazing value

A French language school trip to Paris can be a very cost-effective way to learn the language. Compared with other methods such as private tutoring or online courses, French language school trips to Paris offer excellent value for money and are guaranteed to provide an unforgettable experience. 


6. Interactive activities

Students can take part in fun and interactive activities designed to help them learn the language. These activities are often led by experienced and qualified language teachers, which means that students are guaranteed to make progress during their trip. 


7. Food for thought

One of the best parts of exploring Paris is that students can try traditional French food. Try and encourage your students to visit local cafes and bakeries, and challenge them to order their food in French. France is now known for its delectable cuisine, so we're confident that this shouldn't take too much convincing.


8. Practice makes parfait

The chance to enhance their French language skills in various everyday situations. This again gives context and makes them more likely to retain and remember what they have learned as they can link it to a real-life scenario, such as asking a resident for directions or ordering a drink. 


9. Make memories to cherish

Memorable language trips to France also offer a unique opportunity for students to make new friends. After such a period of isolation, this could not be more significant.


10. Multicultural appreciation

Language-focused, educational trips lay the foundations for students to develop an appreciation for the language and culture that’s very different to their own.


So what are you waiting for, or should we say… “Qu'est-ce que vous attendez”? 

There are a million and one ways that a French-language school trip to Paris is an excellent way for students to develop their language skills. Not only do they develop learning in a practical, hands-on manner, but they also allow them to immerse themselves in French culture whilst visiting iconic locations.


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