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School Trips to Venice

A school trip to Venice provides students with a spellbinding experience in one of the greatest cities in the world and also one of the most unique. The city is built on over 100 islands, connected by nearly 400 bridges and is a maze of alleyways, small squares, palaces, churches and shops. 

Art, history and culture symbolise the Venice experience, giving students of arts-based subjects an educational experience that they’ll absorb so much from. Students can marvel at the Venetian architecture and buildings that overlook the waterways of the city. 

For art students, it holds many treasures housed not only in the world-renowned museum collections located here but also in the churches and chapels dotted around the city which contain authentic paintings by Titian, Tintoretto and Bellini.

The city is very accessible and compact and students will enjoy exploring using the Vaporetto water buses offering a unique way to get around the waterways and canals connecting the city's main sights and attractions. Taking a gondola ride and buying a carnival mask are traditional must-dos for any visitor. In short, a student trip to Venice is the perfect blend of leisure and educational value that will be of great benefit to your students. 

Student learning objectives in Venice

We understand that taking your students on a school trip to Venice is an experience that will enhance their educational knowledge and develop a deeper understanding of the core learning objectives. 

Your students will: 

  • Develop insights into contemporary Italian and European art
  • Source inspiration for their own art and design work 
  • Expand on historical knowledge 
  • Learn about the cultural influences of Venice

Our top school visits in Venice include…

A school trip to Venice isn’t complete without experiencing the wonders of the many amazing attractions. Take a look at our Venice trip highlights, courtesy of the feedback we receive from the many school groups who have taken a trip to this splendid hub of culture. 

  • St Mark’s Square
  • Doge’s Palace
  • Ponte di Rialto
  • Ca’Pesaro - International Gallery of Modern Art
  • Guided Tour of Venice

St Mark’s Square

The prime attraction in Venice is St Mark’s Square, a historical site that oozes architectural culture and a rich history of civic and religious life. Explore the famous Basilica that showcases the evolution of Venetian artists from the Middle Ages amidst the breathtaking marble interior that adorns this splendid cathedral. 

Doge’s Palace

With a masterful Gothic architectural design, this impressive building has a storied history that dates back to the 9th century. Highlights of a trip here include the 24-carat golden staircase leading to the chambers of state government and the historical courtyard, where the doge’s coronation would have taken place. Your students will be captivated by the historical relevance of this remarkable structure. 

Ponte di Rialto

Undoubtedly, the unique feature of Venice is the hundreds of meandering waterways that connect the city and the Ponte di Rialto sits at the heart of the city’s Grand Canal. With spectacular views overlooking the canal and lots of authentic jewellers and shops, students will gain a feel for the true Venetian experience during their visit to this stunning attraction. 

Ca’Pesaro - International Gallery of Modern Art

No art school visit to Venice is complete without exploring Ca’Pesaro. This striking palace houses the International Gallery of Modern Art, where students can immerse themselves in the world of famous contemporary artists such as Kandinsky, Sironi and Klimt amongst others. Take a vaporetto down the Grand Canal to truly appreciate the dazzling exterior, and see the huge foyer that is built around a traditional Venetian well. 

A guided tour of Venice

If you wish to experience the main attractions of Venice in one, then there are many different guided tours available for you to do just that. A full-day itinerary may include visits to all of the above attractions with a personalised experience that allows students to extract lots of educational value.

<p>Carnival Masks Workshop</p>

Carnival Masks Workshop

<p>Guided Tour of Venice</p>

Guided Tour of Venice

<p>St Mark&#39;s Square</p>

St Mark's Square

<p>Galleria dell&#39;Accademia</p>

Galleria dell'Accademia



<p>Ca&#39;Pesaro - International Gallery of Modern Art</p>

Ca'Pesaro - International Gallery of Modern Art

<p>Doge&#39;s Palace</p>

Doge's Palace

<p>Island Cruise including Murano &amp; Burano</p>

Island Cruise including Murano & Burano

<p>Bridge of Sighs</p>

Bridge of Sighs

<p>Venice Ghost Walk</p>

Venice Ghost Walk

<p>Italia in Miniature</p>

Italia in Miniature

<p>Rialto Bridge</p>

Rialto Bridge

Popular Venice Itinerary

Day 1


Depart UK airport for flight to Venice.


Transfer to your accommodation followed by a Guided Tour of Venice.


Day 2


Visit the Peggy Guggenheim Gallery.


Visit the Ca'Pesaro Gallery.


Day 3


Visit to Galleria d'Academia.


Island Cruise including Murano and Burano.


Day 4


Take part in the Carnival Mask Workshop.


Transfer to airport for return flight home.


Arrive at school.


Venice Gallery

<p>Carnival Masking Making Workshop</p>

Carnival Masking Making Workshop

<p>Overlooking St Mark&#39;s Square</p>

Overlooking St Mark's Square

<p>Outside Peggy Guggenheim Museum</p>

Outside Peggy Guggenheim Museum

<p>Carnival Masking Making Workshop</p>

Carnival Masking Making Workshop

<p>The Patriarchal Cathedral Basilica of Saint Mark&nbsp;</p>

The Patriarchal Cathedral Basilica of Saint Mark 

Top Tips from Our Travel Experts

"The city is full of incredible examples of art and architecture. Take a boat ride down the Grand Canal to see incredible old palaces paved with marble and mosaics.  If you can, go for an early morning ride so you can see the city come to life, at this time it shouldn’t be too busy or hot. Or visit one of the markets such as the Rialto Market to enjoy some very fresh traditional Italian food. Try to avoid summer months as the weather can be very hot and there will be lots of walking involved. Do also take a detailed map to help prevent yourself getting lost around the canals and narrow streets!"

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