5 Popular Locations for History School Trips

If you're wondering how to make the fascinating subject of history more gripping, there are many amazing locations for history school trips that will bring learning to life for your students. 

Educational trips prove to be a brilliant way to make history a little more interesting both in and out of the classroom. They have the chance to experience historical sites up close while meeting people who have lived through topical events and learn more practically about the subject. 

But before sharing some of the best historical places to visit, let's explore the benefits a history trip can offer students in tandem with classroom learning:


The chance to see historical sites in real life

There is nothing like experiencing history in person. When students visit historical sites, they can get a much better understanding of what actually happened there. They can also see how the site has changed and evolved over time. Visiting iconic and ancient sites whilst listening to stories of the time will make them much more likely to retain critical information on the topic, whatever historical era they are learning about.


Meet people who have lived through such events

Another great benefit of school trips is that your class will have the unique opportunity to meet people who have actually lived through the events that they are learning about in class. This can help them put a human face on history and understand what it was like in that situation, which also builds emotional intelligence and empathy.


Learn and appreciate different cultures

One of the best things about history school trips is that they offer everyone the chance to immerse in different ways of life and learn about other cultures. This is especially important for history students, as they can learn about the cultures that they are studying and be able to relate to them in a more practical way.

As you can see, there are many benefits to embarking on a history school trip, both educationally and personally. So, let's take a look at some popular locations for these one-of-a-kind trips:


Historical locations in Rome

Rome is one of the most popular destinations for history school trips. Students can visit the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and the Vatican City. They can also see where Julius Caesar was assassinated and learn about Ancient Rome's culture and customs.

In between learning, your class can enjoy a slice of pizza or wander the historic streets while experiencing authentic Italian gelato and talking about their findings. 


Historical locations in Athens

Athens is another popular destination for history school trips. Students can explore the Acropolis, visit the Parthenon, and see the Temple of Zeus. They can also learn about Ancient Greece's culture and history and how it has influenced the modern world.


Historical locations in London

London is a great destination for history school trips. Students can visit Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, and Buckingham Palace. They can also learn about the British monarchy and see some of the world's most famous historical sites.


Historical locations in Paris

Paris is a popular destination for history school trips. Students can explore the Louvre Museum, see the Eiffel Tower, and visit Notre Dame Cathedral. They can also learn about the French Revolution and see how Paris has changed over time.


Historical locations in Berlin

Berlin is a great destination for history school trips. Students can visit the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate, and the Reichstag. They can also learn about the Cold War and see how Germany has rebuilt since World War II.


School history trips help make learning fun for everyone!

School history trips are a great way to make history more interesting for students. They can see historical sites up close, meet people who have lived through events, and learn about other cultures. By visiting these five popular locations, students will be able to get a well-rounded view of history.

Honourable Mention

We need to give an honourable mention to one of the most populat trips availanle which is a school trip to Poland. With tonnes of history and culture to explore surrounding World War 2, this makes for a fascinating visit for anyone. Explore our school trips to Poland, today. 


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