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Business Studies School Trips

We organise and run business studies school trips to some of the world’s biggest economic hubs. Our range of amazing destinations offer educational experiences to enhance and inspire, so your students can gain a cutting-edge insight into the business world. 

Explore international trade and the political assembly of the European Union with a business school trip to Brussels. Travel to Germany to see how Berlin and Munich are the epicentre of the tech and engineering industries. Or, fly stateside to New York and explore the world of Wall Street and attend the Business Live! Student Conference. Whatever the learning objectives for your business and economics students, we can help tailor your business school trip to suit you. Our aim is to maximise the educational value and enhance the perspectives of students with real-world insights. 

Request a quote today and we’ll start putting together a tailored itinerary for you and your group. 

Why choose European Study Tours for a business school trip? 

With years of experience and industry knowledge, our educational school trip experts have planned many successful business studies trips. We can arrange educational visits to cities and countries home to some of the world’s leading economic institutions. 

Explore the world of banks and stock exchanges of the world's leading economic centres. These specialist business and economic studies trips cover all aspects of the business curriculum from management and marketing to human resources and manufacturing. For Economics students, a visit to a national bank can‘t be beaten to deepen their understanding of monetary policy and how it affects day-to-day life. 

Business studies trip destinations

On a Business school trip, you can visit a global powerhouse like New York, London or Frankfurt or a former Eastern bloc country like Prague or Budapest. Take a look at the range of cities and attractions you can visit with EST. We’ll arrange for your business students to visit one of the following destinations: 

  • Amsterdam - Delve into the world of stock markets with a visit to the Amsterdam Stock Exchange Experience. 
  • Berlin - Explore the Berlin startup and tech industry at Silicon Allee. 
  • Brussels - The home of the European Union, Brussels provides students with ample opportunity to explore one of the most important financial and business sectors in Europe. 
  • Budapest - A business studies trip to Budapest allows students to discover how Hungary’s automobile sector is thriving. 
  • China - One of the world’s largest economies, China is home to the Shanghai Financial District, where hundreds of national and global banking institutions do business. 
  • Frankfurt - Visit the new headquarters of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt to glean insight into Europe’s economic policies. 
  • London - Brands, businesses and banking are at the heart of the thriving economy in the capital city. 
  • Midlands - Take a trip down memory lane to uncover the Industrial Revolution and how this shaped the business landscape of ‘The Second City’.
  • Munich - Technology, automotive, engineering - Munich is a hotbed for innovation and economic transformation. 
  • New York  - Visit the ‘Big Apple’ and explore the origins and impact Wall Street has on the global economy. 
  • Paris - Known as a famous city for fashion and architecture, La Défense is the perfect place for business students to explore life in Europe’s busiest business district. 

Educational benefits of an economics school trip

Visiting different types of businesses embeds classroom learning and gives students the edge when it comes to case studies for those all-important exams and coursework assignments. With the international business landscape ever-changing, escaping the confines of the classroom to gain insight allows students to discover and understand the business world close at hand. 

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 "The tour of Wimbledon was gave them a great insight into the business side of Wimbledon - this was the highlight of the tour for us."

St Ambrose High School

"The Coca Cola visit was excellent, very informative and the guide was very knowledgable"

The Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School