How to Make a School Trip Memorable for Your Students

School trips abroad can be many things, but one thing is for certain, they should never be boring. Creating memorable experiences for your students can be a balancing act, especially with so many personalities and preferences to account for, adding personal touches, listening to their feedback and planning ahead will ensure that it's a trip your students will never forget.

It is important to identify the different personalities within your cohort when requesting a quotation for your trip. You should ideally have a range of visits that will excite your entire group. Mixing the educational aspects with cultural visits is a sure-fire way to create a memorable trip for your students. Take Amsterdam for example, in the morning you can visit Anne Frank’s house, satisfying the needs of the history enthusiasts, then after grabbing a spot of lunch, you can tour the Johan Cruyff ArenA, entertaining the football ultras in the year group.

This range of visits is important. You do not want the trip to be too intense on the students or else their enthusiasm for the trip may drop off. We would always recommend a group visits the Waterpark after a tour of Auschwitz Concentration Camp, otherwise the day will be far too heavy for the students. Also, these fun visits provide the perfect environment for students to bond, form new friendships and create memories with their friends. Students will be itching to tell their parents about how harrowing their tour of Auschwitz was, as well as Jimmy’s mega double backflip off the top board.

When approaching us if you have an idea of the personalities in your year group our tour consultants will be able to draw up a quote which will cater for all needs, ensuring the trip will be memorable for all!  

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