Top 10 Berlin Attractions for Students

Berlin offers engaging attractions for students to strengthen their knowledge and offer an inspired learning experience. The many top attractions in Berlin appear in textbooks all over the world and bringing them to life is what makes trips like these so special. So, whether you’re thinking about booking one for your students, or you already have, let’s explore some of Berlin’s top destinations.

Top attractions in Berlin

Berlin Wall

No trip is complete without a visit to the Berlin Wall. Perfect for History school trips to Berlin to see the remains of the wall and where it once stood, dividing the city and the people of Berlin. It’s a huge symbol of the Cold War, and getting your students to experience landmarks like this up close can help them envision the impact they had on those who lived through it.


The political heart of Germany. It’s undoubtedly one of the top attractions in Berlin, with its fascinating history and stunning glass dome offering panoramic views of the city. Your students can see where the current German Parliament houses their meetings, and link back to their learning, understanding the events and goings on that happened here during the Nazi regime.

Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is one of the most iconic symbols of unity in the world. Standing tall in the centre of Berlin portraying its incredible design, it’s a reminder of this country’s history and how a country that was once so broken is now unified. It’s also perfect for a group picture with your students!

Holocaust Memorial

The Jewish Memorial is dedicated to the memory of the Holocaust victims, and its unique design offers a real thought-provoking and emotional experience for those who walk through it. Made up of 2711 concrete steles, all of varying height, it can be disorientating for some.

Berlin Television Tower

The Berlin TV Tower is the tallest building in Germany, standing at 368 metres tall. Why not take your students to the top where they can see 360-degree views of the city? It’s an iconic structure and certainly one of the top attractions in Berlin. 


Gendarmenmarkt is a picturesque square that features some of the most beautiful architecture in Berlin. It’s got the German and the French Cathedrals, as well as the Konzerthaus all in one frame. It’s a spectacular sight to see, and with history dating back to the 17th century, there’s also plenty to learn!

The Holocaust Memorial and Museum

Develop your students’ understanding of the Holocaust with a visit to this museum. The past is never forgotten and this museum aims to educate people for years to come of this dark period of history.

Museum Island

Visit Museum Island for a wonderful learning experience. Why? Because there are many fantastic museums on this UNESCO World Heritage Site with a relevant focus to help students explore a wide range of subjects. Students can observe art, and architecture and dive into history. Museum Island has to be one of the top 10 Berlin attractions!

Victory Column

Victory Column is a spectacular monument that stands tall in Tiergarten Park. Designed in 1864 by Heinrich Strack, your students could learn all about why it was created and what it symbolises.


For an educational experience where students can see the remains of a concentration camp, a visit to Sachenhausen could provide many reflective moments for your learners. There’s also a museum here where students can learn and hear about some more personal experiences from people who were held here over the years.


Explore the top attractions in Berlin with your students

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