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School Trips to Iceland

School trips to Iceland are unique, inspirational and offer a magical experience for students. Home to the world's northernmost capital city Reykjavik, this tiny island nation provides other-worldly learning experiences that most places on our wonderful planet simply cannot offer.

The landscape is truly breathtaking, comprised of mountainous terrains, gleaming glaciers and powerful geysers. The land is a plateau with mountain peaks, and ice fields, with a coastline marked by fjords, which are deep inlets carved by glaciers.

Iceland school trips are unique, inspirational and offer a magical experience for students. Home to the world's northernmost capital city Reykjavik, this tiny island nation provides other-worldly learning experiences that most places on our wonderful planet simply cannot offer. The Icelandic landscape is genuinely breathtaking, comprised of mountainous terrains, gleaming glaciers and powerful geysers. 

As the UK's best Iceland school trip provider, we assure you that you and your students will love our educational tours to Iceland. There's a reason why teachers rebook with us year after year. The itinerary that we have chosen is perfect for the curricular needs of students and their family's budgets.

Why are educational trips to Iceland so popular? 

The distinctive features, attractions and natural landscape of Iceland almost guarantee that your students will be amazed from the moment you land. 

Iceland is home to an estimated 200 volcanoes, with almost 10% of the country’s land mass covered by cooled lava beds and sparkling glaciers. School trips to Iceland provide an inspirational environment for students to immerse themselves in the natural wonders of the country. 

With our planned itinerary for a school trip to Iceland, we have chosen the most exciting range of destinations and attractions that will extract the most educational value. 

Our trip highlights will interest both you and your students, no matter what stage of education they're at. They'll get to experience geothermal power, and delve into the formations of volcanoes and glaciers, but also get to discover the true power of tectonic plate activity which Iceland is a hotspot for. 


Our selection of Iceland school trip highlights include: 

  • Reykjavik
  • The Northern Lights
  • Hveragerði Geothermal Park
  • The Blue Lagoon
  • The Golden Circle
  • Skogar Folk Museum 
  • Hallgrims Cathedral
  • The LAVA Centre 
  • Helliseidi geothermal power station

Here’s a taster of what to expect from our trip highlights during your educational trip to Iceland.


You’ll get to explore the capital of Iceland, located on the coast of Iceland. This stunning city offers so much educational value to students studying all kinds of subjects and offers so much to students on Geography school trips to Iceland.

Reykjavik serves as an excellent case study for urban geography, as students can explore the city's unique urban planning, sustainable practices, and geothermal energy utilization. They can also learn about the impact of climate change on coastal cities and the importance of coastal management strategies.

Seeing the Northern Lights

On school trips to Iceland you might even be able to catch the northern lights; a natural phenomenon that transcends across the night sky. This is because Iceland is one of the best places in the world to see them.

This phenomenon is an excellent subject for science education. Students can study the science behind the Aurora Borealis, exploring the Earth's magnetosphere, solar wind interactions, and the geomagnetic storm processes that create the Northern Lights.

Hveragerði Geothermal Park

This geothermal park will certainly impress. Your students will get to see the geyser located here, which erupts frequently, hot mud pools, hot springs, and more. 

This site provides an immersive experience for students to learn about geothermal energy production, the geology of geothermal fields, and the unique ecosystems that thrive in geothermal environments

The Blue Lagoon

Your students can take a dip in the famous Blue Lagoon; a geothermal spa in southwestern Iceland. It’s one of the 25 wonders of the world and is a truly unique experience for all of your eager learners.

Students can study the geothermal processes behind the Blue Lagoon's formation, the importance of geothermal resources in Iceland's energy landscape, and the therapeutic properties of geothermal waters.

The Golden Circle 

The Golden Circle is a 190-mile route through some of Iceland’s famous natural attractions: Thingvellir National Park, the Geysir geothermal area and Gullfoss waterfall.

The Golden Circle provides an opportunity for students to understand tectonic plate movements at Thingvellir, the geothermal activity and geysers at Geysir, and the formation of waterfalls and the impact of erosion at Gullfoss.

Skogar Folk Museum 

Located in Southern Iceland, the Skogar Museum is a cultural heritage collection of thousands of regional artifacts. It’s a great opportunity for students to experience Icelandic architectural heritage. 

At the museum, students can learn about Icelandic culture, history and traditional architecture. This immersive experience allows them to understand the societal development and adaptations of the Icelandic people over time.

Hallgrims Cathedral

Hallgrims Cathedral (or Hallgrímskirkja church) is the largest church in Iceland, standing at 244ft tall. The parish church is located in Reykjavik City and has become an important symbol for Iceland’s national identity.

The cathedral offers insights into Icelandic architecture, engineering, and cultural symbolism. Students can explore the historical and cultural significance of religious landmarks in Icelandic society

Top Visits in Iceland

<p>Northern Lights Tour</p>

Northern Lights Tour

<p>Hverager&eth;i Geothermal Park</p>

Hveragerði Geothermal Park

<p>Golden Circle Tour</p>


Golden Circle Tour


<p>South Shore Adventure</p>

South Shore Adventure

<p>Secret Lagoon</p>

Secret Lagoon

<p>Skaftafell National Park</p>

Skaftafell National Park

<p>Westman Islands</p>

Westman Islands

<p>Skogar Folk Museum</p>

Skogar Folk Museum

<p>Blue Lagoon</p>


Blue Lagoon


<p>Lava Tubing</p>

Lava Tubing

<p>National Museum</p>

National Museum

<p>Hallgrimskirkja Cathedral</p>

Hallgrimskirkja Cathedral

<p>Geothermal Greenhouses</p>

Geothermal Greenhouses

<p>Hellishei&eth;i Power Plant</p>

Hellisheiði Power Plant

<p>Reykjanes Peninsula Day</p>

Reykjanes Peninsula Day

<p>Langj&ouml;kull Ice Caves</p>

Langjökull Ice Caves

<p>Perlan - Wonders Of Iceland</p>

Perlan - Wonders Of Iceland

<p>Glacier Walk</p>

Glacier Walk



Popular Iceland Itinerary

Day 1


Check in to UK airport for flight to Iceland.


Arrive in Iceland. Transfer to your accommodation.


Evening meal.


Day 2


Full day guided South Shore Excursion, including Reynishverfi and Skogafoss waterfall. (Optional supplementary activity: Glacier Walk).


Evening meal.


Day 3


Full day guided Golden Circle Excursion, including Pingvellir National Park, Gulfoss waterfall and the Strokkur Geyser.

(Optional supplementary activity: Lava Tubing).


Evening meal in a local restaurant.


Day 4


Visit the Blue Lagoon.


Transfer to Iceland airport for return flight.


Return to School.


Optional extra day

Extra Day

Full day guided Reykjanes Peninsula Tour, including lake Kleifarvatn and the Seltún geothermal area, (Optional supplementary activity: Ice Caves).


Top Tips from Our Travel Experts

"It is expensive to eat out, so we advise taking the pre-booking option or half/full board option in a hotel. The Secret Lagoon is a more authentic experience than the Blue Lagoon, which though larger, is very busy and expensive and if the budget allows, add on the glacier walk as it is an amazing experience! Suitable footware with good ankle support is highly reccomended."

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Iceland Gallery

Take a look at some of the stunning images captured by previous groups who embarked on an educational trip to Iceland.

<p>Glacier Walk</p>

Glacier Walk

<p>Golden Circle Tour</p>

Golden Circle Tour

<p>Glacier Walk</p>

Glacier Walk

<p>Bridge Between two Continents (North America and EurAsia)</p>

Bridge Between two Continents (North America and EurAsia)

<p>South Shore Adventure</p>

South Shore Adventure

<p>Dowtown Reykjavik</p>

Dowtown Reykjavik

<p>Sk&oacute;gafoss Waterfall</p>

Skógafoss Waterfall

<p>Gullfoss Waterfall - Summer</p>

Gullfoss Waterfall - Summer

<p>Gullfoss Waterfall - Winter</p>

Gullfoss Waterfall - Winter

<p>South Shore Adventure</p>

South Shore Adventure

<p>Beech Hall School</p>

Beech Hall School

<p>Blue Lagoon</p>

Blue Lagoon

<p>The Icelandic Puffin!</p>

The Icelandic Puffin!

<p>The land of Ice_Beech Hall School</p>

The land of Ice_Beech Hall School



<p>Ϸingvellir National Park</p>

Ϸingvellir National Park

School Trips to Iceland FAQs

What kind of educational value can students expect from school trips to Iceland?

Students can immerse themselves in Iceland's natural wonders, such as volcanoes, glaciers, and geysers, providing unique learning experiences.

Are the planned itineraries suitable for all stages of education?

We specialise in providing educational trips to Iceland for KS3-KS5 students, helping them get ready for any potential exams following in line with the current curriculum.

Are students safe on school trips to iceland?

As one of the best choices for school tours to Iceland in the UK, safety for your students is crucial to ensuring we’re running a successful trip, we always vow to keep your students safe. We are Learning Outside The Classroom Badge holders ensuring the highest possible safety standards. We also have an externally verified safety management system to achieve this.