How Can School Trips Abroad Improve Your Students' Language Skills?

Planning a school trip abroad is not just advantageous for a change of scenery and good weather. It's a chance for your students to learn and practice new and exciting skills, especially when it comes to language. Encouraging students to practice and use the language of the country they are visiting broadens their cultural horizons and gives them a chance to improve their language skills academically.

Taking a language trip abroad gives students the opportunity to bring what they have learnt in the classroom to life and opens them up to new experiences. School trips aimed at languages give students a fun and first-hand experience of putting their linguistic skills to practical use. Immersing in the local language and successfully navigating a conversation in a foreign language gives students a great sense of achievement and is an invaluable experience in terms of building their confidence as well as enhancing their linguistic abilities. Whether ordering their lunch or taking an intensive language course, students will noticeably benefit from a languages trip abroad.

Being exposed to the target language in this environment will strengthen students understanding of their target language and offers them the opportunity to immerse themselves in another culture and challenge themselves.

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