Top Art Galleries to Explore in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city with magnificent culture, and it shows with its tremendous number of exceptional art galleries that are loved by people worldwide. We’re here to give you an insight into some of the most significant art galleries Barcelona has to offer. So let’s get started.


Art Galleries Barcelona

Fundació Joan Miró

This art gallery features works from the incredible Catalan artist himself, Joan Miró. The Joan Miró Foundation was founded by him in 1975 and displays more than 14,000 pieces of his art, from paintings, sculptures, drawings and more! 

The array of art on show here just expresses his creative range, portraying different artistic techniques that Miró has used throughout his life. You’ll also find plenty of other wonderful pieces of art from contemporary artists.

Museu Picasso

What an influence this artist had on art around the world. Even though Picasso wasn’t born in Barcelona, it was where he spent the rest of his life living from the age of 13, and the birthplace of thousands of his masterpieces. Here your students can explore Picasso’s life through his paintings, and learn all about his techniques and influence on art thereafter. You can find the Picasso Museum in the Montcada area of Barcelona. Is the Picasso Museum in Barcelona worth it? Absolutely!

Gaudí Museum

Here is another one of the best art galleries Barcelona offers, showing eager artists all about Antoni Gaudí and his architectural brilliance. This Museum is actually at the home of Antoni Gaudí from 1906 to 1925, providing a fantastic experience for students to see where he was living during his time as an architect and designer. The museum features a collection of Gaudí’s designs, from furniture to objects and more.

Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA)

If you’d like a Barcelona art gallery that features contemporary works from the mid-20th century to today, then MACBA is the place for you. You can find over 5,000 pieces of art here, that focus on post-1945 Catalan and Spanish art, with seasonal exhibitions also on show.

Museum of National Art of Catalunya

This Catalonia art Museum in Barcelona houses works by artists such as El Greco, Zurbaran, Velazquez, Fortuny, Gaudí, Casas, Torres-Garcia, Dali, Julio Gonzalez and Picasso. There are many different art forms here including sculptures, paintings, photography and so much more, dating back to the 10th and 20th centuries.


Famous Artists in Barcelona

When you’re on an art trip to Barcelona with your students, you can expect to see works from some of the most famous artists in Barcelona, such as:

  • Antoni Gaudí
  • Sixeart
  • Joan Brossa
  • Lluïsa Vidal
  • Joan Miró
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Antoni Tàpies
  • El Pez


Explore Barcelona art galleries with your students

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