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Science Trips and Tours To Iceland

The raw power of Iceland’s natural environment offers great ways to see and investigate elements of chemistry, biology and physics whilst experiencing the awesome power of nature, making it the perfect place for a science school trip.

Many of Iceland's natural forces present both a unique challenge and opportunity.  There is no better place to explore Geothermal energy which is considerable in most parts of the country and used to heat homes and for energy production.    Explore how this is turned into a renewable and sustainable energy supply at the Hellisheidi Power Plant  or the Ljosafoss Power Station ‘Powering the Future’ exhibition.  This energy is also used in food production as a sustainable answer to food scarcity making it a great case study supporting your learning objectives. 

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Reasons to Visit

Hellisheiði Power Plant

The Hellisheiði Power Plant is in a stunning setting surrounded by lava and moss. You can visit The Geothermal Energy Exhibition and take a tour of the Power Plant to learn how Iceland produces its green, sustainable energy.

Geothermal Green Houses

Geothermal energy is produced by a borehole allowing water to be drawn from geothermal sources generated by the island’s volcanic activity.  Discover how this pure water is used for both heat and irrigation, a sustainable method of food production in Iceland.

Northern Lights

This phenomena is a natural wonder but also a scientific reaction. When charged particles from the sun strike atoms in Earth's atmosphere, they cause electrons in the atoms to move to a higher-energy state. When the electrons drop back to a lower energy state, they release a photon: light. This process creates the beautiful aurora, or northern lights, often seen dancing around in the fantastic colours across the sky in certain weather conditions.

Hveragerði Geothermal Park

As the water is heated, it ascends through fissures, crevices, and volcanic crust to emerge in hot springs and other geothermal features. Hveragerði town is built above a hot-spring field, and derives its name from the Icelandic word for hot spring, hver.

Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is a unique wonder of nature, with pleasantly warm mineral-rich geothermal water in a middle of a black lava field. The naturally high levels of silica and minerals give the Lagoon its rich blue colour.

Golden Circle Tour

Stops include the Þingvellir National Park; the only place in the world where the Mid Atlantic Ridge can be observed above sea level. Appreciate the interaction between tectonic and glacial influences at Gullfoss waterfall as well as the Geysir geothermal area with its hot springs. Witness Strokkur the most famous and active geyser in Iceland which erupts every few minutes. Then it is time to head back to Reykjavík over the Hellisheiði plateau, passing the geothermal village Hveragerði on the way.

South Shore Adventure

This tour crosses the Olfusa and Eyrarbakki rivers and travels through quaint coastal villages to where the famous Hekla volcano can be seen on a clear day, also en route are two breathtaking waterfalls. After lunch the tour continues to the impressive Solheimajokul glacier with a short stop on the glacier tongue before the return home across the Hellisheidi plateau.

Lava Tubing

This is an incredible opportunity to experience caving through a lava tube. Groups will descend into the lava tubes to discover more about their formation and will see interesting forms of lava stalactites and different rock formations making this an experience of majestic and almost indescribable beauty. The Leidarendi Cave can be incorporated into your Reykjanes Peninsula Day. The Gjabakkahellir Cave is in the area of Thingvellir, so can be incorporated into your Golden Circle Day.

Perlan - Wonders Of Iceland

Volcanoes, glaciers, geothermal marvels and more come alive through cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking science at the Wonders of Iceland exhibition at the Perlan. Pupils can see, feel, and live Iceland’s many natural wonders all in one place. Also, on the fourth floor of Perlan is the large observation deck, on the top of the hot water tanks, encircling the entire dome giving amazing 360° views of Reykjavík and the surrounding area.

Interactive exhibition in Ljósifoss Power Station

Powering the Future is an energy exhibition on the diverse nature of electrical energy. The exhibition puts an emphasis on play and experience where the nature and characteristics of electricity are shown in multiple forms and guests are led through the world of electricity in new and creative ways. Guests are also introduced to the renewable and sustainable energy generation methods used by Landsvirkjun such as hydropower, geothermal energy and wind energy.

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