10 Items to Remind your Students to
Pack on their School Trip


Whilst this list is not exhaustive, it will help you pull together the essentials to advise your students and help your trip go smoother.



1. Passport Unless travelling in the UK you can’t go anywhere without this! Check it is in date.

2. Suitable clothing Research the weather for the time of year you’ll be travelling, what will the temperature be and how likely is it to rain or snow! What activities will your group be doing, is there any specialist clothing required? What is the mode of travel - air, train or coach? What events will they be attending, will they need any posh clothes? Whatever the forecast or type of trip you must advise to bring sensible flat shoes/trainers or boots which are comfortable and waterproof as well as a waterproof coat, umbrella, sunglasses and a extra warm layer!

3. Spending money Avoid costly bank charges and bloated exchange rates at the airport. Shop around and change currency at least one week before departure to allow time to collect.

4. Universal adapter Don’t be left powerless (excuse the pun) and make sure the appropriate adapter for your country of destination and all required power leads are packed.

5. Toiletries Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap/shower gel, sunscreen are a must as well as any medication. Wet wipes and a mini first aid kit with plasters and antiseptic wipes could be useful.

6. Towels Hostels and some hotels don’t usually include towels – microfibre towels are convenient and take up little room in your luggage.

7. Snacks It could be a long journey and food can be pricey from petrol stations or airports. Encourage the use of environmentally friendly reusable water bottles.

8. Entertainment Something to pass the travel time such as a book, playing cards or travel games.

9. Diary Well we say "diary" but we mean any kind of way to keep an account your tour. It could be the old fashioned notebook and pen but you could also use a camera or social media as a way of recording your trip. (If you do use social, you should definitely follow us on Twitter and keep us updated!)

10. Duct tape What tape I hear you say! This versatile thick tape can be used for a multitude of emergencies such as temporally fixing luggage and shoes.

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