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Computer Science School Trips

As the technological era constantly evolves, computer science becomes increasingly complex and intriguing. A computer science school trip offers students the chance to learn and understand how computing and IT are used in the real world to power businesses and transform economies. 

Why choose StudyLink Tours for a computer science school trip?

The magic of our tailored itineraries means we can craft the perfect computer science trip to engage your students. Our varied programmes will encourage students to develop their computer science skills, helping them to develop their skills to solve problems, make decisions and design solutions. By taking the next generation of programmers and coders out of the classroom, we aim to inspire them with the exciting range of careers available in the modern and changing world of computing.

Time your visit to coincide with one of the many gaming expo events taking place in London (EGX), Cologne (Gamescom) and Berlin which are the perfect addition to our range of computer science visits that offer an affordable and inspirational school trip.  

Don't forget our LIVE! Student Conference Events in Disneyland Paris or London, where experts and live speaker presentations aim to bring key curriculum topics to life, provide students with access to information and case studies that they can't find in a textbook and help inspire your students' future careers.

Computer science trip destinations

On a computer science school trip, you can explore the past, present and future across a wide range of destinations. The early days of computing can be explored at Bletchley in London, home to the codebreakers of World War II. At the other end of the budget spectrum are our inspirational school trips to San Francisco. Visit the Facebook and Google Campus to pay homage to these tech giants. Follow with a visit to the NASA Ames Research Center or Stanford University. 

Check out our full range of computer science trip destinations below:

  • Berlin - Visit the Computer Spiele Museum in Berlin and explore the evolution of gaming throughout the latter part of the 20th century in the ‘Wall of Hardware’ exhibition. 
  • Disneyland Paris - Computing Live! Is a student conference designed to test and nurture the next wave of computing geniuses. Hear from a who’s who of dedicated industry speakers, as students test their skills and build their knowledge of fundamental computer science principles. 
  • London - Whether it’s the National Museum of Computing or the Silicon Roundabout Tech Tour, computer science trips in London offer a wide range of unique learning opportunities for technology enthusiasts. 
  • New York - A thriving hub of technological innovation, a computer science school trip to New York will change your students' perceptions of the computer science world. Gain first-hand insight into the development of the world’s leading technology products at the Microsoft Experience Centre. 
  • San Francisco - On the West Coast, San Francisco is the home of the world’s leading tech pioneers at Silicon Valley. The Intel Museum and the Computer History Museum also offer students valuable educational opportunities to deepen their knowledge of technological advancements. 

Educational benefits of a computer science school trip

The constant evolution of technology and Artificial intelligence means our students of today will inevitably need computer science skills in many facets of their lives. Economies and businesses rely upon technology to deliver efficiency and grow their offerings across the globe. Therefore, taking your students on a computer science school trip offers unique opportunities to visit some of the world’s leading hubs of technology and ICT.

Enhancing the computing skills of your pupils is fundamental to enhancing their future job prospects. By developing problem-solving skills and technical attributes in real-world scenarios, students will be equipped with the insight and knowledge to thrive and prosper beyond their educational years. 

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Now it’s time to think about booking your computer science school trip and inspire the next generation of technology trailblazers! Check out each destination in more detail using the links below. You can request a quote on each individual destination page.