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Computer Science School Trips

Our range of Computer Science school trips provide students the opportunity to increase their knowledge of how computing is used in everyday life and an insight into the future of technology.  Our varied programmes will encourage them in their computational thinking helping them to develop their skills to solve problems, make decisions and design solutions.  By taking the next generation of programmers and coders out of the classroom, we aim to inspire them with the exciting range of careers available in the modern and changing world of computing.

Explore the past present and future on a Computer Science school trip to London.  The early days of computing can be explored at Bletchley home to the codebreakers of World War II. See the Colossus at the National Museum of Computing before taking a tour of the Silicon Roundabout area, home to the third largest tech start-up cluster.

At the other end of the budget spectrum are our inspirational school trips to San Francisco.  No visit would be complete without a visit to Silicon Valley, an area that has become synonymous with computer science innovation and invention.  Visit the Facebook and Google Campus’ to pay homage to these tech giants.  Follow with a visit to the NASA Ames Research Center or Stanford University.

Time your visit to coincide with one of the many gaming expo events taking place in London (EGX), Cologne (Gamescom) and Berlin which are the perfect addition to our range of computer science visits that offer an affordable and inspirational school trip.  

Don't forget our Computing LIVE! student event in Disneyland Paris where expert and live speaker presentations aim to bring key curriculum topics like coding, cyber security and e-commerce to life, provide students with access to information and case studies that they can't find in a text book and help inspire your students' future careers.


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