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Health & Social Care School Trips

The Health & Social Care industry has currently one of the largest skill gaps, so it is important to provide students inspiration and information on potential future careers in order for them to choose this varied and interesting profession.

Hungary’s first hospitals in the mining towns date back to the 13th-century and the first mining health insurance was founded in 1496. By 1938, Hungary had a progressive health and social care system.

We have chosen Budapest as it is home to some pioneering and internationally acclaimed health and social care institutions which your students can visit and observe. The Peto Institute is where “Conductive Education” therapy was pioneered to help motor disorder and The Vadaskert Foundation is a child and adolescent psychiatry clinic. Other visits can also be arranged to a children's home and drug/alcohol rehabilitation centre.  

In addition, the city's Natural Springs have been in use for their therapeutic properties since the Roman times. The Széchenyi Medicinal Bath, located in the city park, is the largest medicinal bath in Europe and its water is supplied by two thermal springs and has both indoor and outdoor pools.

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