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Maths School Trips


Bring the Maths curriculum to life for your students with our range of Maths trips. Maths is everywhere and can be incorporated in to a fun and cultural trip for your students.

Stay close to home and take a trip to London and explore the use of maths in everyday life. You can use famous landmarks such as the Coca-Cola London Eye wheel, the Wembley Stadium arch and the Olympic Parks' slide to illustrate just how omnipotent maths really is. Alternatively, learn to break the code at Bletchley Park or see maths principles illustrated at the British or Science Museums.

In Paris the La Grande Arche La Defense is an impressive structure which is an almost a perfect cube of which your students can learn at its exhibition, and at the Cite des Sciences & de l'Industrie, students will be able to grasp applications in understanding movement and calculating probability. Just outside Paris, Disneyland® Paris provides a fun day out and a maths designed workbook provides the context.

Frankfurt is the financial capital of Germany and your students can see the inside workings of the Stock Exchange and at the Deutsche Bundesbank Money Museum students will learn the importance of monetary stability and the tasks of central banks in maintaining the value.

In addition, we offer our LIVE! Student Conference Events where expert and live speaker presentations aim to bring key curriculum topics to life, provide students with access to information and case studies that they can't find in a text book and help inspire your students’ future careers.

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