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School Trips to Athens

School Trips to Greece offer a land of mystery where myths about gods, heroic acts, mythical creatures and great philosophers reverberate around historic sites that have stood for four millennia. From Olympia in the west to Mycenae and Delphi, the sheer number of historic sites is astounding.

No school trip to Greece is complete without a visit to Athens where you will find a modern and bustling capital with a pervading sense of its classical past as it lives in the shadow of the Acropolis and the mighty Parthenon. Athens has many Classics & Archaeology sites within easy reach such as the Ancient City of Corinth, Ancient Messene and the Delphi Site as well as History & Religious Studies visits such as the Battle of Marathon Site and the Monastery of Ossios Lucas.

Athens was the first nation to host the 1896 International Olympic Games in modern history. You can visit the stadium which can seat up to 90,000 spectators and has been used since in the 2004 Olympic Games.

In complete contrast, school trips to Tolon, a seaside town, offers the quintessential Greek atmosphere set in lush mountain countryside. With such historical wonders, school trips to Greece really do provide an unforgettable experience.

Top Visits in Athens 

<p>Acropolis of Athens</p>

Acropolis of Athens

<p>Ancient Agora</p>

Ancient Agora

<p>The Parthenon</p>

The Parthenon

<p>Ancient City of Corinth</p>

Ancient City of Corinth

<p>Ancient Theatre and Sanctuary of Epidaurus</p>

Ancient Theatre and Sanctuary of Epidaurus

<p>Ancient Messene</p>

Ancient Messene

<p>Ancient Sparta</p>

Ancient Sparta

<p>Archaeological Museum &amp; Site Argos</p>

Archaeological Museum & Site Argos

<p>Byzantine city of Mystra</p>

Byzantine city of Mystra

<p>Citadel of Tiryns</p>

Citadel of Tiryns

<p>Delphi site and museum</p>

Delphi site and museum

<p>Museum of Cycladic and Ancient Greek Art</p>

Museum of Cycladic and Ancient Greek Art

<p>National Archaeological Museum</p>

National Archaeological Museum

<p>Nestor&rsquo;s Palace Pylos</p>

Nestor’s Palace Pylos

<p>New Acropolis Museum</p>

New Acropolis Museum

<p>Roman Forum &amp; Tower of the Winds</p>

Roman Forum & Tower of the Winds

<p>Sanctuary of Zeus, Stadium and Museum of Olympia</p>

Sanctuary of Zeus, Stadium and Museum of Olympia

<p>Temple of Poseidon Cape Sounion</p>

Temple of Poseidon Cape Sounion

<p>War Museum</p>

War Museum

<p>Theatre and Temple of Apollo</p>

Theatre and Temple of Apollo

<p>Tomb of Agamemnon &amp; Citadel Mycenae</p>

Tomb of Agamemnon & Citadel Mycenae

<p>Greek evening</p>

Greek evening

<p>Island cruise to Hydra &amp; Spetses</p>

Island cruise to Hydra & Spetses

<p>Museum of Greek Popular Musical Instruments</p>

Museum of Greek Popular Musical Instruments

<p>Old Port of Pireus</p>

Old Port of Pireus

<p>Olympic Stadium</p>

Olympic Stadium

<p>Parliament Building &amp; Changing of the Guard</p>

Parliament Building & Changing of the Guard

<p>Lycabetus Hill</p>

Lycabetus Hill

<p>Arios Pagos Hill</p>

Arios Pagos Hill

<p>Averoff Battleship</p>

Averoff Battleship

<p>Benaki Museum</p>

Benaki Museum

<p>Byzantine &amp; Christian Museum</p>

Byzantine & Christian Museum

<p>Church of Aghia Sofia</p>

Church of Aghia Sofia

<p>Church of Aghios Demetrios</p>

Church of Aghios Demetrios

<p>Fortress of Palamidi</p>

Fortress of Palamidi

<p>Kaisariani Monastery</p>

Kaisariani Monastery

<p>Battle of Marathon Site</p>

Battle of Marathon Site

<p>Medieval Fortified Town of Monemvasia</p>

Medieval Fortified Town of Monemvasia

<p>Meteora Monasteries</p>

Meteora Monasteries

<p>Monastery of Ossios Lucas</p>

Monastery of Ossios Lucas

<p>Old Parliament House</p>

Old Parliament House

<p>Philippi Site</p>

Philippi Site

<p>Stoa of Attalos</p>

Stoa of Attalos

<p>Trireme Olympias</p>

Trireme Olympias

<p>Plaka district</p>

Plaka district

<p>Guided Tour of key classical sites in Athens</p>

Guided Tour of key classical sites in Athens

Top Tips from Our Travel Experts

"Spend a day or two at the Acropolis, and the archaeological museums,  a visit to the Olympic track, having been renovated and used for the first modern Olympics in 1896, run a lap if it’s not too hot!   A short ferry ride and you can visit the island of Aegina and climb the steps to the Temple of Afea.  Take a coach to the magnificent town of Delphi, a mystical place where myth and history collide."

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