ABTA’s Make Holidays Greener Campaign

We are committed to sustainable and environmentally responsible educational travel.

This month is ABTA’s Make Holidays Greener campaign which happens annually to encourage the travel industry to create better places to live in, and better places to visit.

One way of reducing your carbon footprint is through your choice of travel but we understand that sometimes flying is the most time-effective means of travel. However, there are still little things you can do such as reducing the weight of your luggage, which in turn will reduce the amount of fuel required, and book with a travel company offering an initiative to offset your journey carbon footprint.

We at European Study Tours have a commitment to help offset your carbon footprint by providing sustainable and environmentally-responsible educational travel. We are delighted to be partnering with Carbon Footprint to offset carbon emissions, reduce deforestation and provide wildlife habitats by pledging the following:

For every school or college trip taken with us, a Maya nut tree will be planted in Peru supporting reforestation, providing benefits to local communities and support forest biodiversity. Learn more here.

To guarantee carbon emission reductions, we’ve pledged to offset an additional tonne of CO2 through the Portel-Para reducing deforestation project in the Brazilian Amazon. Learn more here.

There are lots of other things we can all do is reduce, reuse and recycle, you can find out all of ours here.

Book with us now and do your bit to help to reduce your carbon footprint.