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School Trips to Krakow

World War destruction and years of communist rule have done much to damage Poland’s heritage. Yet amazingly the ancient royal city of Krakow survives and with its medieval market square and Grand Cloth Hall, the city rivals the beauty of Prague and Vienna. Krakow is also home to the Jewish quarter where Schindler’s List was filmed.

School trips to Krakow are ideal for modern History, Psychology and Religious Studies students due to its part at the centre of World War II. Students can really get to grips with life under Nazi occupation as they tour the Kazimierz Jewish District which formed the Krakow Ghetto and achieved notoriety as a place of starvation and disease.  Follow on to Auschwitz-Birkenau, perhaps the best known and preserved camp, where students follow the Jewish story to its grim Final Solution. For the most personal experience your students may Talk to a Survivor of the Holocaust which could also form a great case study for any student of psychology and sociology.

A visit to Krakow is both poignant and enlightening and sure to add depth to your students understanding of the subject.


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Top Visits in Krakow

<p>Day Trip to Zakopane</p>

Day Trip to Zakopane

<p>Galicia Jewish Museum</p>

Galicia Jewish Museum

<p>Oskar&nbsp;Schindler Museum</p>

Oskar Schindler Museum

<p>Czestochowa Monastery</p>

Czestochowa Monastery

<p>Cloth Hall</p>


Cloth Hall


<p>Crazy Communist Tour to Nowa Huta</p>

Crazy Communist Tour to Nowa Huta



<p>Wieliczka Salt Mine</p>

Wieliczka Salt Mine

<p>Talk with a Holocaust Survivor</p>

Talk with a Holocaust Survivor

<p>Wawel Castle &amp; Cathedral</p>

Wawel Castle & Cathedral

<p>Krakow History Museum</p>

Krakow History Museum

<p>Guided Sightseeing Tour of Krakow</p>

Guided Sightseeing Tour of Krakow

<p>Plaszow Concentration Camp</p>

Plaszow Concentration Camp

<p>Folklore Evening Entertaiment&nbsp;</p>

Folklore Evening Entertaiment 

<p>Waterpark and IMAX Theatre</p>

Waterpark and IMAX Theatre

Popular Krakow Itinerary

Day 1


Check in to UK airport for your flight to Krakow.


Arrive, transfer to your accommodation and check in.  Head out on a guided walking tour of the city.


Enjoy a meal in a local restaurant.


Day 2


Visit to the Galicia Jewish Museum to meet a Holocaust Survivor.


Guided visit of the Salt Mines.


Local folklore evening excursion with dinner, music and dancing.


Day 3


Visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp.   


Wodny Waterpark.


Evening meal and fun activity.


Day 4


Guided tour of Schindler's Factory.


Transfer to Krakow airport for return flight home.


Arrive UK, onward travel to school.


Top Tips from Our Travel Experts

"Krakow is a beautiful city with very friendly residents who create a safe and hospitable atmosphere. Exploring the dark, emotional history of the area is a must for anyone who visits. A half-day visit to Auschwitz/Birkenau is our top essential suggestion as well as meeting with a holocaust survivor which is an amazing opportunity. However, this if not always possible, so instead we can sometimes offer a meeting with a sympathiser who assisted the Jews during the war to give their unique first-hand historical account. If visiting in the winter, be prepared it is very cold and you do spend a lot of time outdoors and even in the summer at the Salt Mines, which is a must see, you will need a coat as 15 degrees all year round down there. In the evening bowling and water parks are cheap evening activities and in winter going to an ice hockey game is a fun night out."

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Krakow Gallery

<p>Cloth Hall</p>

Cloth Hall

<p>Wawel Dragon</p>

Wawel Dragon



<p>Galicia Jewish Museum</p>

Galicia Jewish Museum

<p>Krakow Town Center</p>

Krakow Town Center