5 Must Eat Food in Barcelona on a School Food Technology Trip

The Mediterranean is a place filled with exquisite cuisine focused on vegetables, olive oil, bread, seafood and more. In Barcelona, there’s so much for your students to try. The food in Catalonia will certainly get your taste buds tingling. We’re here to suggest some of the best dishes and must eat food in Barcelona, so you and your students know exactly what to look out for when you’re on a Food Technology trip to Barcelona.


Must eat food in Barcelona

We’ve picked out 5 of the must eat Spanish food to try in Barcelona. These dishes are all culturally significant and are staples in the Mediterranean diet.


Potentially one of the most famous Spanish dishes is Paella. Its base is usually round-grain rice and vegetables, however, it often includes seafood such as prawns and muscles, as well as chicken. When your class are out and about in Barcelona, you won’t miss this dish if you walk through a street market. The delicious smell will draw you in and you’ll notice the Paella being cooked in huge Paella Pans.

Jamon Iberico

Although this is not a complete dish, it is a must eat food in Barcelona. Jamon Iberico is a type of cured leg of pork, that is usually held in a ham stand to allow thin strips of meat to be cut from the top. Usually, these strips of delicious meat are eaten on their own, or with a slice of bread. But the process that brings all of these unique and delightful flavours is what is most intriguing. The Iberian pigs are fed acorns which give the meat its distinctive sweetness, nuttiness and earthiness.


This dish provides a wonderfully bold flavour and is a popular appetizer in Spain. Made of ripe tomatoes, bell peppers, garlic, sherry vinegar, and extra virgin olive oil, this soup is served cold. There are many variants of Gazpacho that you can get in Barcelona, so take a look to see which you and your students might like to try. 

Pa Amb Tomaquet

Food in Catalonia isn’t always made with lots of ingredients. Take Pa Amb Tomaquet for example; a simple savory dish made by putting freshly chopped tomatoes on bread. You’ll find this Spanish classic at many tapas restaurants.

Patatas Bravas 

This is undoubtedly a must eat food in Barcelona. Potatoes are diced into cubes, fried and served covered in a number of spicy sauces. We’re sure your students will love this tasty side dish or ‘tapa’. As with many of the other dishes, there are many alternative versions of this dish, served with different sauces and many even seasonings.


Other Spanish food to try in Barcelona

Here are some other food in Catalonia that you and your students might want to try on your Food Technology school trip:

  • Croquettes
  • Potato Bombas
  • Escalivada
  • Fideuà
  • Spanish Cheese
  • Padrón Peppers
  • Esqueixada
  • Grilled Red Shrimp
  • Calçots
  • Chipirones
  • Crema Catalana
  • Chorizo
  • Tortilla de Patatas


Explore Barcelona on a food technology trip

Are you and your students ready to immersive yourselves in the wonderful Spanish cuisine? Why not take a look at our Food Technology trips to Barcelona. It makes for a fantastic educational experience, encouraging your students to try new foods and learn how traditional dishes are made.

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