Tailor-made Trips to Munich

School trips to Munich will take students to the Capital of the state of Bavaria, near the foot of the German Alps. It is Germany's second most popular destination after Berlin, attracting several million visitors each year, and has something to offer to everyone making it a great destination for a school trip. The city has cultural and historical attractions aplenty, as well as being a useful gateway city and transport hub for the Bavarian Alps. 

Munich features a diverse array of modern architecture including the Olympic buildings and sports stadiums, famous for their design. School trips to Munich are ideal for those interested in Art and Design. Interestingly, it is also a green city with one of the world's largest urban parks The Englischer Garten

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Reasons to Visit

Walking Tour of Munich

Join an informative and entertaining walk through the heart of Munich’s beautiful old town, stopping at various sights which over the years have witnessed events creating not just local, but also worldwide interest. From royal scandals right through to being one of the most influential and important cities in European and world events, Munich has experienced the lot!

Olympic Stadium Tour

Site of the 1972 Olympics, this landscaped park contains sport facilities, lakes, bicycle paths, concert venues, restaurants and a football stadium, as well as its landmark "tent-style" roofs. The visit includes a film showing the vast building site from which a unique collection of Olympic centres originated or take in the views from the Olympic Tower.

BMW Welt

The ensemble comprising BMW Welt, plant and museum at the Munich Oberwiesenfeld represents the internationally unique BMW world of experience. The synchronous integration of automobile delivery and thrilling temporary exhibitions about the past, present and future of the brands as well as a multifaceted daily event program have turned BMW Welt into an attractive place of encounter and exchange.


The heart of the city where street musicians and artists can often be seen entertaining the crowds. The square is dominated by The Neue Rathaus (New Town Hall) a magnificent neo-gothic building and Munich's most recognisable landmark. Victuals Market is only a few steps from the Marienplatz, and is Munich's most popular open air market where city dwellers and tourists meet to eat, buy produce or souvenirs in the shade of the chestnut trees.

Neuschwanstein Castle

The royal castle of Ludwig II near Füssen is one of the most visited castles and fortresses in Europe. The architecture and interior furnishings reflect the historically and eclectically oriented ideals of the Bavarian “fairy tale king” and attracts up to 10,000 visitors daily.

Eagles Nest

The Kehlsteinhaus (known in English as the Eagles Nest) was commissioned for Hitlers 50th birthday and took 13 months to build. It lies on the tip of a mountain (the Kehlstein), 1834m above sea level and is one of the most popular attractions in southern Germany. The house was built as a quiet retreat for Hitler, and it was conveniently situated not far from his usual Obersalzberg residence - the Berghof. However, Hitler only visited the site a few times, as he found it too insecure. The house was spared from bombing during World War 2 because it was small and difficult to pick out from the mountains around it. Many Nazi buildings were destroyed after the war (including the Berghof), but after extensive lobbying the Kehlsteinhaus was spared.

Dodgers Alley

Take a quick look on Viscardigasse, better known as ‘Dodgers Alley’, the route anti-Nazi citizens would take to avoid giving the Hitler salute. The gold covered cobbles trail the route the dodgers would take in protest, sometimes at the risk of their own life.

Audi Discovery Tours (Ingolstadt)

There are two guided tours on offer:  

Museum: Groups will learn about vehicles in Audi’s 20th Century History divided into pre-war and post-war eras. The Intensive tour explores further into the century of mobility. Multimedia technology is used to delve into Audi’s historical and economic backgrounds.

Factory: Experience the full production process of an Audi, including witnessing the welding robots and bonding technology.

Allianz Arena Tour

This Tour focuses specifically on the architectural and construction engineering highlights incorporated in the Allianz Arena. Special topics included in the Tour are: the construction phase, esplanade, facade and roof support structure and stadium interior design features The tour includes a 5 minute film and discussion, exclusive access to pitchside, and Davidoff Lounge at the executive box level. General guided tours of the arena are also available.


The world-famous Hofbrauhaus beer hall is one of Munich's most popular tourist attractions and is at the same time the most famous brewery in the world.

Deutsche Museum

Exhibits incorporate science and technology looking at the development of various topics including Transport, Communication and Material Production. Guided Tours are available for specialist subjects including Computers, Microelectronics, Aviation and Astronautics and the History of Metal Extraction.

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