Tailor-made Trips to Normandy

With its beautiful coastline and pretty seaside resorts, Normandy is a very popular destination for a school trip. From the Mont St Michel to the D-Day landing beaches and the Peace Museum in Caen, there are plently of excellent town and city excursions to keep your students busy.

Normandy is a melting-pot of people and languages, a cross-roads where cultures and ideas, artefacts and produce, have met and mingled, giving it a rich heritage of traditions, monuments and history.

The region is also famous for its gastronomy and there are a whole host of visits to local producers who make cheese, butter, cider and Calvados in the traditional manner.

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Reasons to Visit

Mont St Michel

The island is at the very frontier of Normandy and Brittany, which for over a millennium has housed the abbey of Mont St Michel. Since the eleventh century new buildings have been added and the whole monument now forms probably most recognisable silhouettes in France after the Eiffel Tower. Access to the island is free and unrestricted.

Bayeux Tapestry

Bayeux is most famous for its tapestry. A unique masterpiece in the world, the Bayeux Tapestry is actually embroidery, done in wool on linen canvas during the 11th century. 70m long and 50cm high, it recounts, simply but with a wealth of detail, how and why William the Conqueror achieved the conquest of England on 14 October 1066.


The biggest theme park in Normandy Festyland offers a recreational insight into Normandy's history, via a range of attractions. Explore the park’s 4 worlds: Belle Epoque, Viking, Pirate and Medieval and travel back in time through Normandy’s history on thirty or so thrilling and fun attractions for all ages.

Cite de la Mer

Visit the deepest aquarium in Europe, the largest submarine open to visitors in the world, sea depths exploration exhibition, virtual walking in to the depths adventure and the gallery of men and machines. Also the Titanic exhibition including photos, interactive videos and reconstruction of parts of the ship

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