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Geography School Trips

Geography school trips provide unique learning opportunities for students to explore the great outdoors. We have a range of specialised Geography field trips that enable students to discover some of the world’s most iconic geological landscapes. Students will apply classroom learning techniques to practical contexts, enhancing valuable skills that will best prepare them for further study in the world of Geography. 

Planning an unforgettable Geography field trip with European Study Tours

Over the years, we’ve organised lots of Geography school trips for groups of students to a range of amazing destinations. We work alongside you to craft the ultimate itinerary - jam-packed full of educational value, exciting activities and inspiring visits. We’ve built up great working relationships with industry partners and organisers from various cities and countries, so we can deliver a Geography field trip that helps to meet and exceed all of your learning objectives. 

Our Geography school trip highlights include…

We offer geography trips to some of the most fascinating places in the world. Our destinations include: 

  • Bay of Naples 
  • Catalonia
  • China
  • Cornwall
  • Iceland
  • London
  • New York
  • Sicily
  • West Coast USA

Explore the world of Geography in amazing worldwide locations

Our range of exciting destinations contains inspiration in abundance - offering a learning experience that is truly stunning. Take a trip to Italy and visit the iconic Bay of Naples, home to Mount Vesuvius and its breathtaking volcanic geology that is responsible for some of the most spectacular scenery in Italy. 

Visit the Mediterranean Island of Sicily to experience the impact of the iconic Mount Etna, Europe’s largest active volcano. In contrast, Northern Catalonia contains a wealth of spectacular natural parks, wetlands, fluvial environments, limestone landscapes and coastal environments and makes a great trip with the addition of Barcelona as a fascinating case study in urban growth and development. 


Iceland, with its natural and unique landscape, lends itself perfectly to a geography field trip with its diverse volcanic landscapes, glaciers, waterfalls and the world heritage site of Þingvellir. 

West Coast USA

A school geography trip of a lifetime is to America's West Coast, which offers the Grand Canyon, Yosemite's waterfalls, glacial peaks and ancient sequoias. Explore the history of San Francisco - built on the San Andreas Fault, and Las Vegas, a neon oasis in the heart of the Nevada Desert.

Jurassic Coast UK 

Closer to home, the Jurassic Coast situated in Dorset and Devon is a who’s who of geographical landscapes, making it the perfect outdoor classroom setting for field studies. Students can learn about a range of topics from landforms, coastal processes, erosion, geology and rocks, to sustainable tourism management, and the Eden Project offers a diverse tropical paradise where tourism and ecology coexist side by side. 


The impact of the 2012 Olympic Games in London offers a brilliant insight for students to explore the legacy impact of the games and the urban regeneration in the period since. Other top visits include the London Wetland Centre, The Thames Barrier and The Olympic Park which has an outdoor classroom with workshops about urban sustainability. 

New York

The densely populated area of New York offers a stunning opportunity to examine the impact of environmental issues and take a look at the human element of Geography. If your trip centres upon human Geography and how populations adapt to a metropolitan landscape, New York is the place to go! You can also visit symbolic attractions such as the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building during your stay. 

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Geography School Trips FAQs

Can I work with EST to plan a Geography school trip? 

Yes, you can call upon the help of your dedicated Tour consultant, who will help tailor the trip exactly to your needs. We’ll help discuss the right destination for your students, based on your learning objectives, and we’ll collaborate with organisers in your preferred location to help customise your itinerary to suit you. 

What destinations are popular for Geography field trips? 

We recommend taking the time to explore each of the destination pages to discover the type of preferences that will suit your Geography students. Whether it’s a UK-based trip exploring the nuances of coastal erosion or a trip overseas to analyse urban environments or volcanic rock formations, EST can tailor the right Geography trip for you. Contact us today and we’ll start crafting your itinerary right away! 

What educational value can a Geography field trip provide for my students?

The practical hands-on nature of a Geography field trip provides students with the chance to apply classroom learning to real-world scenarios. Your students will get to experience what life is like for those working in the field and truly appreciate the environment that surrounds them. Geography school trips are packed full of engaging practical activities and workshops, so students can enhance their critical thinking skills and improve their ability to provide detailed analysis of their findings.