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School Trips to London

School trips to London are incredibly popular, offering a diverse range of educational opportunities amidst the backdrop of the vibrant capital city. A high school trip to London will provide your students with the opportunity to experience this diverse cultural metropolis, with a host of amazing attractions to enjoy. 

The wide range of attractions, museums and places to visit provides a focus for many areas of study, whether it’s art and design, film and media, science or sport, London school tours provide the platform for students to excel across any area of study. 

The benefits of a London school trip

On an educational trip to London you have so many choices, whatever your subject area. Below you will find further information on potential places to visit on your school trip to London as well as the opportunity to browse by specific subject area.

By booking your London school trip with us, our experienced London Student Tour Consultants can guide you to make the right choices by recommending appropriate educational visits and/or cultural and enrichment activities to add a bit of fun! Contact us to request a quote, or speak to us about any queries you may have about our range of London school tours.

Our London school trip recommendations

We have so many different study groups who embark on a London school trip visit through us. We’ll tailor your trip exactly how you wish, incorporating all your study objectives to maximise the educational value of your visit. Check out some of our London school tour recommendations based on the amazing feedback we receive. 

  • Buckingham Palace
  • St Paul’s Cathedral
  • Natural History Museum 
  • Westminster Abbey
  • The Tower of London
  • Tower Bridge
  • The Tate Modern

Buckingham Palace

The iconic residence of the British monarchy offers students an enriching educational experience. Steeped in history and architectural grandeur, students can learn about the traditions and ceremonies associated with the history of the monarchy. As you make your way around the palace grounds, your tour guide will provide fascinating insights into the monarchy's historical and cultural significance, making it an ideal destination for history and art  students as students can appreciate the architectural grandeur and artistic elements of the palace's design, along with the historical significance of the monarchy's residence.

St Paul’s Cathedral 

One of the most spectacular churches in England, St Paul’s Cathedral is an architectural masterpiece steeped in history and tradition. The Whispering Gallery is a standout attraction, where students can witness the acoustical wonders of the dome. A visit to this place of hugely religious significance provides a unique opportunity to appreciate the historical and spiritual heritage.

The cathedral's architectural masterpiece offers insights into historical architectural styles and craftsmanship. Perfect for an art high school trip to London. Religious students can also experience the spiritual and religious heritage associated with the cathedral's history. 

The Natural History Museum 

For any budding science enthusiasts within your group, then a London school trip to the Natural History Museum is a must! Students can take a journey of self-discovery through the Earth’s 4.6 billion years, with star-studded attractions such as the Titanosaur exhibition, where students can learn about the biggest dinosaur to have lived. Your Science students will leave feeling truly awe-inspired by the wonders of our extraordinary planet! 

The museum's exhibits offer an immersive learning experience about the Earth's history, biology, and palaeontology, making it an excellent destination for science enthusiasts and a perfect London student tour.

Westminster Abbey

With over 1000 years of history and culture, Westminster Abbey has played a monumental role in some of the biggest events that encapsulate British heritage. From royal weddings, and more recently, the coronation of King Charles III, its grand architectural beauty and medieval craftsmanship provide students of history and the arts a fantastic insight into this symbolic structure. The abbey also houses tombs and memorials dedicated to prominent historical figures such as Sir Isaac Newton, Queen Elizabeth I and King Henry VII. 

The abbey's rich history and its role in significant British events provide a comprehensive understanding of British heritage, history, and culture. A school tour to Westminster Abbey is also perfect for art and design students as the architecture and medieval craftsmanship of the abbey offer insights into historical artistic techniques.

Tower of London

A high school trip to London provides educational value, and a visit to the world-famous Tower of London offers a learning experience that will inspire and enthuse your group. Students can view historic royal artefacts, including the famed Crown Jewels, and learn about the imprisonment of some of Britain’s historical figures, such as William Wallace and the deceased wives of Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard. A visit to this central educational attraction will invigorate your students and make them gain a true understanding of British history. 

Students can learn about British history, monarchy, and historical figures while viewing royal artefacts and significant sites within the Tower of London. 

Tower Bridge

A fascinating piece of engineering architecture, this iconic London attraction is a must for any students who study history and technology. The exhibition is a marvellous showcase of Victorian engine rooms, where students can learn about the fascinating process of the bascules that allows ships to pass through. Explore the series of interactive displays that illustrate the bridge’s construction and the essential role it plays as a river crossing. 

Students on a London school trip can delve into the engineering and architectural marvel of Tower Bridge, exploring its Victorian engine rooms and technology.

The Tate Modern

London school tours are a stimulating experience for any art students, and a trip to the famous Tate Modern art gallery is a premier attraction for any art enthusiasts. The gallery is a unique venue, located within the confines of a former power station. Students can meander through the venue in awe of the numerous displays. They’ll explore a series of stunning art collections, sculptures, photography works and rotating exhibitions that illustrate a diverse range of artistry and societal issues. This dynamic space is designed to engage and provide a critical approach to learning that offers exceptional educational value for all. 

The gallery's diverse displays offer art students exposure to various art forms, techniques, and societal issues, promoting critical thinking and artistic appreciation. Media students can also benefit from exploring photography works and rotating exhibitions which provide insights into visual storytelling and artistic expression.

For a day school trip to London, prices start from £89pp - contact us for further information.

Top Visits on a school trip to London

<p>Buckingham Palace</p>

Buckingham Palace

<p>Christmas Markets</p>

Christmas Markets

<p>Covent Garden</p>

Covent Garden

<p>Globe Theatre</p>

Globe Theatre

<p>Houses of Parliament</p>

Houses of Parliament

<p>Royal Albert Hall</p>

Royal Albert Hall

<p>The Shard</p>

The Shard

<p>The;London Eye</p>

The London Eye

<p>The Tower of London</p>

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The Tower of London


<p>The West End</p>

The West End

<p>Harry Potter Studio Tour</p>

Harry Potter Studio Tour

Popular London Itinerary

Day 1


Travel by coach or rail into the heart of the capital.


Go on a Thames Cruise and experience a unique view of London's iconic sites from the River Thames.


A West End Show is a perfect way to end the day, take you pick from some of the most popular performances such as The Lion King, Mary Poppins, Matilda or Wicked.


Day 2


Visit one of London's most popular tourist attractions such as the London Eye or explore the London Dungeons.


Head off home to arrive back early evening.


Arrive at School.


Top Tips From Our Travel Experts 

"On a school trip to London always take a boat trip, it’s a really good value option and a brilliant way to see the city. Even if you have a coach or tube tickets, try to factor in some time to walk, you will see lots more this way and it can be quicker due to London traffic! Wherever possible travel mid-week to avoid premium prices for rail, theatre and in restaurants. Don’t forget to incorporate some free time for shopping or just soaking up the atmosphere in places like Covent Garden or Trafalgar Square. You could spend a lifetime exploring London and you would never stop being surprised. The city has something for everyone and there are unlimited treasures to be found. Best of all, it is on our doorstep."

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History & Politics

Media & Film Studies

English, Drama & Performing Arts

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London school trip Gallery

<p>Covent Garden</p>

Covent Garden



<p>National Gallery</p>

National Gallery

<p>Shakespeare&#39;s Globe</p>

Shakespeare's Globe

<p>Buckingham Palace</p>

Buckingham Palace

<p>West End Theatre Workshop</p>

West End Theatre Workshop

<p>Shrek&#39;s Adventure London</p>

Shrek's Adventure London

<p>London Eye</p>

London Eye

<p>National Gallery</p>

National Gallery

London School Trips FAQs

What kind of educational value can students expect from school trips to Iceland?

School trips to London offer a dynamic educational experience through a diverse range of attractions. Buckingham Palace exposes students to monarchy traditions and architectural beauty, while St Paul’s Cathedral provides insights into historical and spiritual heritage. The Natural History Museum fascinates science enthusiasts with Earth's evolution, while Westminster Abbey offers a millennium of British history and culture. The Tower of London immerses students in British history and monarchy, Tower Bridge engages history and technology enthusiasts with its engineering marvel, and the Tate Modern captivates art students with its diverse displays and societal insights. Each destination caters to various subjects, enhancing students' understanding of heritage, art, science, technology, and culture.

What kind of educational value can students expect from school trips to Iceland?

We specialise in providing educational trips to Iceland for KS3-KS5 students, helping them get ready for any potential exams following in line with the current curriculum.

Are students safe on school trips to London?

As one of the best choices for school tours to London in the UK, safety for your students is crucial to ensuring we’re running a successful trip, we always vow to keep your students safe. We are Learning Outside The Classroom Badge holders ensuring the highest possible safety standards. We also have an externally verified safety management system to achieve this.