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10 Items You Should Remind Your Students To Pack For Their School Trip

Wed, 6 April 2016

10 Items You Should Remind Your Students To Pack For Their School Trip

Packing for a school trip...

Packing can end up as a ‘bring everything including the kitchen sink’ if you don’t prepare and research beforehand. The school may already have a draft list of what to pack on a school trip. Think about your destination, the weather in the destination for the duration for your trip, the activities you and your group will be doing to help you plan more efficiently. Here is a list of essentials you will need for a school trip.

Helpful Hint! Before starting a list, you may want to consider; where you are going, the duration of your trip, the season you will be there and the mode of transport you will be taking (e.g - train, plane or coach?)

Essentials for any trip:

• Suitable clothing – The amount of times we've heard a pupil had forgot to pack a jumper... research the weather for the time of year you are going and pack accordingly. Your activities whilst on your trip may also require you to have specialised clothing too. And don't forget something for the return journey!

• Suitable walking shoes - It's good to prepare for bad weather so pack waterproof coat and shoes – you may also want to bring an umbrella too.

• Towel – Hostels usually do not include towels and some hotels only offer hand towels. Bring along a favourite so you don't have to hunt for one on tour.

• Toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, soap/shower gel are really handy to have in your bag, though be careful to place liquids separate from the rest of your clothes. Also medications if needed, maybe a mini first aid kit with plasters and antiseptic wipes.

• Laundry bag - There's a good chance you'll either have limited washing facilities for your clothes or just be too busy to do so... so a simple plastic bag for dirty laundry can help keep the rest of your duds smelling fresh.

• Spending money - Avoid costly bank charges and bloated exchange rates at the airport and change currency before your trip. Shop around too - rates can change quickly so a keen eye is needed to grab the best deal.

• Snacks - It could be a long journey and food can be pricey from petrol stations or airports. Taking a sandwich or some dried fruits and a reusable water bottle can make your journey easier – but be respectful of others and your environment. Especially with smelly or messy foods – you don't want sticky fingers for the remainder of your 8 hour coach journey!

• Diary - Well we say "diary" but we mean any kind of way to keep an account your tour. It could be the old fashioned notebook and pencil, but you could use a camera or mini camcorder or even social media as a way of recording your trip. (If you do use social, you should definitely follow us on Twitter and keep us updated!)

• Entertainment - Have something on you to pass the time. You may not want to take valuable devices like a handheld games console – instead bring playing cards or some mini travel games. Maybe download a digital movie on your phone and share with a travel buddy.

• Universal adapter - It's almost guaranteed you'll bring your mobile and a couple other devices with you. But you'll be left powerless (excuse the pun) if you don't have one of these. Shop around as there are savings to be made if you are able to buy multipacks. 


Other awesome advice

You may want to think about insuring your belongings for travel in case of accidental damage or theft. 

Portable chargers are getting better and cheaper, so carrying one with you is a good idea to avoid running out of juice whilst out and about!



Have you got any other must have items you take with you on a School Trip? 

For more tips you may want to visit: http://www.yha.org.uk/school-trips/parents/what-to-bring 


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