14 Things To Do when you return from your School Trip

Planning activities upon your return can maximise learning experience for your students and also for future field trips. This guide provides you with some ideas for what to plan for when you and your students return to the classroom. 


1. Give time for your students to share and reflect on their experiences - this is great to hear what they enjoyed and reflect on the value of the trip from the students directly.

2. You may have given your students an activity/assignment to do whilst on their field trip – a presentation of what they learnt at the destination or their observations in relation to the curriculum or subject can maximise information retention.


3. Ask the class to create a classroom museum, your students could choose an exhibit to curate and share this information with the class.

4. Create a short news report about what happened on the field trip, the class could produce a magazine or newspaper as a collection of all the students’ articles.

5. Your class may want to write thank you letters to their field trip host, chaperones, others involved in the support of the field trip, they could include their favourite visit, object, or information they learnt whilst on the trip. We love to hear from you also!

6. Ask your students to reflect upon their trip, what did they learn, could they relate it to any learning before their trip and did seeing and visiting help reinforce their learning. How did they feel before the trip and after?             


As a teacher/trip organiser, you may want to reflect upon the field trip, organisation, planning procedures you took. Here are a few other points to look at:


1. Complete a ‘Teacher Journal’ to keep information up to date and accurate, this can refresh your memory when you look back on past trips.

2. Did the students meet their learning objectives?

3. Was there enough time to do everything you set out to do? Where you rushed to get to the next visit? Or perhaps you could achieve your learning objectives with a shorter trip?

4. Was there adequate supervision? Student-Pupil Ratio the right balance?

5. Did you encounter any issues you did not expect? Did you encounter issues that you expected and was the preparation sufficient in resolving the issue as quick as possible? Could you have improved this in any way?

6. What sites were particularly well organised? If not, what could be done to improve this?

7. Share this experience with your students, other teachers, chaperones on tour, the sites you visited and your school administrators. 


You may want to start planning your next trip…

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