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How It Happened At 4Designers

Thu, 26 February 2015

How It Happened At 4Designers


Since our beloved Odeon West End is due to close, we thought it right to find a new home for 4Designers. So over 250 art and design students made their way to the Logan Hall, 20 Bedford Way within the walls of the University College London. As ever founder and friend Patrick Baglee chaired the event, quickly bringing on to the stage Alan Dye.


Alan briefly spoke about humble beginnings to landing a job at Pentagram. After 5-6 years he (along with co-director Nick Finney) decided to break out and start NB Studio, a London based brand and communications house known for their fun and open-minded approach. Alan showed us past and current work with brands like Knoll and Mothercare and how they approach the re-branding of the Museum of London. We were even shown the advertisement for D&AD Awards, including the making-of - which most of us found hilarious!


Dave Palmer, Creative Director of Love Creative Studio in Manchester followed, decided to showcase the glamourous side of the design industry, unveiling the many destinations he had visited. Slide upon slide appeared with Dave in Seoul and Shanghai, or with celebrities like Jimmy Choo and David Beckham! He did go on to say that it wasn't always this way, describing the jobs he had previous and the risks it took to set up Love in the first place. Love executives also chimed in with tidbits of advice that anyone thinking about a career in the design industry should know.




After lunch, Bruno Maag, founder and director of typeface foundry Dalton Maag stepped on stage. He gave an impassioned speech; describing his career options and how he moved into typography, before showing his absolute disdain for the Helvetica typeface and how he designed one to wipe it off the face of the planet. Bruno also felt that designers should learn more about the metaphysics of design, how the brain processes visual information into "what it is" and "what it's like", which in turn would create better, more intuitive work -- like his own Aktiv Grotesk typeface (if we're honest - we use it a lot too!)


Finally, Carter Wong Design founder and director Phil Carter, showed us how to marvel at everything around us. From Unilever's Heartbrand to the Formula 1 logo, Phil showed us, with a notepad and pencil close by, how his curiosities can manifest into their next big idea. Phil also gave us a glimpse into how he and his team approaches work and clients - always trying to push the boundaries beyond the comfortable. He also showed a strange delight at finding his work inspiring others - a firework company's new logo had a striking resemblance to the official Silverstone Motor Racing Circuit motif for instance!

We wanted to thank Patrick as always for being such a gracious host, our guest speakers Alan, Dave, Bruno and Phil and of course all of the students and teachers who came!


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