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Brain: The Inside Story

Mon, 6 December 2010

Brain: The Inside Story

Do you want to give your science students a more in-depth look at the brain? You now can at the Americam Museum of Natural History in New York. Running until August 14 2011 the museum is holding an exciting exhibition titled Brain: The Inside Story.


This special exhibition explores how the brain, a product of millions of years of evolution, produces and processes our thoughts, senses and feelings. The journey begins in a tangled forest of 100 billion interconnected neurons, or specialized cells that make up the central nervous system. Find out how the highly developed neocortex allows humans to make plans and predictions, as well as engage in symbolic thought. Discover how advances in brain imaging and biochemistry are deepening the understanding of the emotional brain.


Learn about the brain’s plasticity, its continual transformation through different stages of life, and how new knowledge about the brain’s inner workings may help scientists repair and improve brain function. Stop along the way to challenge your brain with interactive puzzles and games that probe your neural connections and pathways.


European Study Tours can help arrange your trip to New York and access to this exhibition. Call us today to discuss your tour requirements. Call 0844 5761960, visit www.euro-study-tours.co.uk or email estsales@euro-study-tours.co.uk

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