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ICT Live! 2016

Tue, 8 March 2016

ICT Live! 2016

On the afternoon of Monday 29th February, over 350 students attended the ICT Live! Conference which was held in the Gaumont Theatre in Disneyland Paris. Chairperson Kate Russell welcomed the students, teachers and speakers and opened the conference. The first speaker of the day was Joe McEwan.


Joe is Head of Digital and Communities at Innocent Drinks, and has been with the company since 2007. He has dedicated his time at Innocent to build a thriving two-way relationship with Innocents community of consumers. Joe spoke about travelling and his time at University and how he was social before social media became popular.

Joe spoke about how Innocent uses social media to answer questions from consumers to create an open two-way dialogue between the company and its consumers, it’s a way to listen, learn and act.  They use social media to chat, remind people to buy drinks and entertain! The recent ‘sugar-scare’ was mentioned by its consumers on Twitter who were concerned about the sugar levels in Innocents drinks, in which Innocent was able to communicate that their products contain nothing but 100% fruit! Joe showed the audience some great use of social media to entertain such as their 4th Floor stapler and trended #DogsAtPollingStations to number 1 in the UK! Safe to say Innocent uses social media to truly be social and it works! 


Q - Alex from Blackpool Sixth Form College. What do you hate the most about social media?

A - Joe hates the anonymity. The people who are rude and troll online and would not do it in real life. We’re still in the infancy stage of social media and we don’t know how to use it in the most mature way.

Q - Brentwood School. Where is the 2nd Floor Stapler now? 

A - Rusting on Helena’s Desk!



Our second speaker of the day was Stef Lewandowski. Stef is a technologist, software developer, designer and start-up founder. Stef gave an inspirational talk to the students advising them to create something new every day, as the future of technology is to disrupt what is accepted now. With his extensive experience in the digital world he gave our students some great advice on how to succeed within the industry.

 - Keep learning – it’s how you improve.

- Work on how you work

- Get good at communicating

- It's Ok to fail

- Be T-shaped – Have a deep understanding with a wide breadth of knowledge.

- And Have fun!



Q - Freebrough Academy– what kind of binary do you use – how much a day?

A - Writes a small fast amount, best code is one you haven’t written at all, deleted code is better. Doesn’t matter how much, only matters what is right. Javascript – its simple and able to use in a browser.

Q - Freebrough Academy – have you made any other games?

A - Every year – Christmas zombie game – all flash games


Our final speaker of the day was Kate Russell.

Kate is a TV presenter, Producer/ Director and a gamer and Author. She started her career writing, blogging and speaking about the thing she is most passionate about – the internet. She spoke about women in gaming and she inspired everyone to learn to code and gain experience in the tech industry with some helpful tips and where to start.

She highlighted the benefits of this growing industry – recruitment in digital set to outperform all other sectors by 2020, 25% of firms report digital skills shortage in recruitment so the students were choosing a great industry to get into!

Kate highlighted the importance of learning to code and gave students some sites where they could learn more and practice such as:

- madewithcode.com

- Code.org

- Yearofcode.org

- Codeacademy.com

- Raspberrypi.org

- Microbit.co.uk

To encourage students to gain experience she shared some helpful links for Tech Apprenticeships:

- Apprenticeships.org.uk

- Nationalcareerservice.direct.gov.uk

- Semta.org.uk/apprenticeshipservice

- Ccskills.org.uk/careers/jobs




Q - The Beaconsfield School. What is your most anticipated game of the year?

A - Star Citizen Squadron 42

Q - Royal Wootton Bassett Academy – Do you think Apple should build a backdoor into iPhone?

A - As soon as backdoor open, it is taken advantage of. – Kate

Q - The Norton Knatchtbull School. Do video game Journalists have a misrepresentation of people in video games? Does this have an impact on the video gaming industry and peoples representation of video games? 

A - The media loves drama and nobody loves to hear a positive story. It is important to remember that the media doesn’t report on the positive stories, they report the bad and shocking stuff which is rare.

Q - Did the game Doom in the 80’s change the gaming industry?

A - It invigorated the industry. The engine changed first person shooter but it is not the sole thing that saved the crash of the industry.

Q - Wirral Grammar School for Girls. Does the media cloud young peoples’ vision?

A - Yes. The great thing about the internet is also the worst thing. There is so much information and viewpoints that it can be difficult to know who and what to believe. I believe it is critical that they teach critical evaluation of data in schools.


Thank you to all our amazing speakers for yet another incredible year at ICT Live! Thank you to all the students and teachers who attended the conference, we hope you learnt a lot and were inspired to create something new and disrupt the industry! We hope to see you again next year!

If you were unable to attend this year, we hope you can join us next year!

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Also, check out Facebook for all the photos from the day or search Twitter using the #ESTLive2016 hashtag for all the photos and comments on the day!

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