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Wimbledon Day Raises Money for WWF Fund

Mon, 7 July 2014

Wimbledon Day Raises Money for WWF Fund

If there's two things we love at European Study Tours (apart from travelling the world), it's a good game of tennis and pandas. Unfortunately there's little opportunity to watch Wimbledon from Murray Mound when we're planning your next school trip and after careful, painstaking, research we've yet to find a single panda living in Hertford. 

So this year, we thought we'd bring the spirit of Wimbledon to us, dubbing Friday 4th July as "Wimbledon Day" and we'vesuitably dressed for the occasion!

Staff were asked to dress in the clothes they'd wear whilst enjoying strawberries and cream in the sun on Centre Court - the talented bakers in the office even went to the effort of making fresh scones, fairy cakes and lemon drizzle cake too!  

It's all for a good cause - as we managed to raise £54.60 for the WWF!

We really like doing things like this - especially for charity. If you have any suggestions that allows us to stuff our faces with cake, let us know! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and leave us your idea in a message. 

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