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Student Conference Newsletter

Sat, 14 April 2007

Student Conference Newsletter

It's been a great year...

Hello and welcome back from the Easter holidays.

Before the academic year disappears in a flurry of exams, we’d just like to take you on a whirlwind tour of what was overall a fantastic season of conferences in London, Paris, Disneyland Paris, Prague and New York.

The season kicked off in November in dynamic style with the 4 Entrepreneurs conference in Leicester Square, where over six hundred budding entrepreneurs were given some great tips on how to succeed. No doubt we will hear some fantastic success stories in the future! November also saw the launch of our latest addition to the London conference family: Focus on Citizenship. Passionate debate was the order of the day as students and speakers clashed swords on some controversial issues.

The end of January saw us off to Paris for the now legendary Your Future in Europe event. Our biggest audience in recent years was treated to a line-up of top names in politics and business, including Michael Portillo, who was in fine form. For those who caught conference fever, optional Business and French seminars rounded off their stay

February saw us hosting two of our Design conferences. We began in Prague with Pencil to Pixel where students were privileged to be given an inside look at Tim Burton's 'Sweeney Todd' by our Chair who'd worked on the opening sequences of the film. Later in the month was 4 Designers, in London, this had it’s largest audience EVER. Watch out for a particularly spectacular line-up of speakers next year to celebrate it’s 10th Anniversary!

The beginning of March saw our sell-out Business & ICT Live! conferences in Disneyland Paris. In the trusty Chairmanship of the BBC’s Declan Curry, over 1600 students were enthralled by speakers from, amongst others, Monarch Airlines and Teletext. For those of you wanting to attend next year, we strongly advise you to get your bookings in early.

Our final trio of conferences took place in New York. We began in the auspicious and fascinating surroundings of the United Nations Headquarters, for our UN Forum, where the speakers were most impressed by the quality and quantity of questions posed to them by our audience. Next was our Business; An American Perspective conference, where we had a great range of speakers including Virgin Airlines and Broadway.com, who gave us the business angle on these multi million dollar business. The final conference was our New York Design Experience where, amongst others, we were delighted to invite on stage arguably the two biggest names in Graphic Design history-Milton Glaser and Bob Gill.

Kind regards,

The Events Team

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