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RougeFrog Founder Back for Focus on French

Sun, 6 July 2014

RougeFrog Founder Back for Focus on French

We're delighted to announce Stephanie Bouchet will be appearing at the Focus on French event in Paris on 6th February 2015.

Stephanie is the creator and manager of RougeFrog, a “boutique” marketing service company designed to help start-ups and medium size businesses. Stephanie has also worked for prestigious brands like Skype, BT and Warner Home Video.

Stephanie is bi-lingual in English and French, and has a Master’s degree in marketing. Her passion is understanding the commercial challenges that small companies face, as well as the customer base they serve, measuring success with every business she works with. 

A prominent member of the European entrepreneurship community, Stephanie has been acting as marketing mentor, advisor and speaker for established entrepreneurship organisations, including Seedcamp and Imperial Entrepreneur.

Stephanie will be speaking about Healthy Living & Lifestyle and shouldn't be missed. For more about Stephanie or the Focus on French Conference, please visit the main page.

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