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"Rarely Cover" Update on Guidelines for School Trips

Fri, 11 September 2009

"Rarely Cover" Update on Guidelines for School Trips

"Rarely Cover"  

European Study Tours as a founder member of the School Travel Forum has sought clarification on behalf of our clients regarding the matter of "Rarely Cover" and the resulting impact on school trips.

From 1 September, state teachers will be expected to only provide cover for their colleagues in rare circumstances. While the exact wording of ‘rare’ has yet to be decided, heads have said they will axe school trips because they cannot afford to pay between £150 and £200 a day for agency staff to cover for teachers away on trips, reports the Guardian.

However, Diana Johnson MP from the Department for Children, Schools and Families, has said: "There is absolutely no reason why schools should stop providing school trips because of the rarely-cover provisions. School trips should be an integral part of every child’s education ... and provision for them should be included in school calendars and timetables." Please click here to read the full response from Diana Johnson.

The Rarely Cover Implementation Process Guidance states that time "should be included in the calendar to facilitate the continuation of educationally valuable visits or trips or the maintenance of enhanced learning opportunities for pupils."

This year we have been accredited with the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge, which reinforces every school’s need to incorporate school trips. We pride ourselves on the high level of educational content which our trips provide. From subject-specific conferences and study visits to classroom resource packs, we ensure that any time spent out of the classroom is worthwhile and makes the best use of your student’s time out of school.

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