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Patrick Baglee - 4Designers - Quick Q and A

Thu, 25 November 2010

Patrick Baglee - 4Designers  - Quick Q and A

Patrick Baglee, Director of Creative Strategy, Navyblue has been involved with European Study Tours'  4Designers event since its inception. As a leading light in the world of design we appreciate Patrick's involvement and passion for design and the event. I wanted to take the opportunity to get to know Patrick a little before the event and understand where his inspiration and passion for what he does come from. He was kind enough to answer a few questions that I asked and I for one feel I know Patrick a little bit more and it's clear from his answers why he loves being part of this annual event.


1.What is your biggest achievement so far?
Creating 4Designers is something I’m very, very proud of.


2. What inspires you most in the world of design?
Great ideas.


3. Who has been your biggest inspiration from the world of design and why?
The thing that’s been most inspiring – or relevant to me, is the phrase ‘You cannot not communicate’ which I first read in one of Erik Spiekermann’s books, and which I subsequently got to understand and really appreciate when I worked with him at MetaDesign.


4. What four things would you take with you on to a desert island if you were stranded and why?
‘The Art of Looking Sideways’ by Alan Fletcher, an endless supply of Bic biros and A4 paper, some binoculars, and a Roberts radio.


5. Which four people would you most like to have dinner with and why?
My wife, my mum and my sister.


6. What is the best piece of advice you have been given and by who?
My old boss at MetaDesign, Robin Richmond, who basically suggested to me that I was better off as a writer than a designer. He was right.


7. What do you think students will gain from attending 4 Designers?
Primarily, a view on the world of creativity that is honest, direct, and useful. I’ve never seen the event as a means of practicing designers standing on stage and just walking the audience through their portfolios. It’s much more about understanding the reality of life as a designer and what that means in terms of the level of passion (and talent) you need to truly realise your potential – not forgetting that the most important step is the first one in knowing the work and the attitude that will help secure that first placement or permanent position.


8. Why do you enjoy being involved with the 4 Designers event?
As one of the founders, I enjoy the fact that each year I get to invite great designers – some of whom are good friends and old colleagues – all of whom I admire and respect to share their wisdom and experience and the highs and lows of life as a creative professional. If everyone who comes along (potentially the next generation of great design talent) takes away even the smallest insight or idea from 4Designers that they can apply to their own work or that will in some way positively influence their career decisions then that is something I can be genuinely proud of.


4Designers will take place 21st and 22nd Februray 2011 at the Odeon West End Leicester Square in London and has become the must attend event for graphic design students.  We are delighted to have Patrick Baglee chairing. The excellent line up of 4 Designers that are being bought together are David Hillman, Paul Davis, Tom Roope and Jack RenwickClick here to read more on Patrick or any of the speakers.


To register for this event call us today on 0844 5761960 or email estsales@euro-study-tours.co.uk


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