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Don't Wrap Them Up...

Wed, 22 September 2010

Don't Wrap Them Up...

Over recent years boys have increasingly fallen behind girls in the area of literacy and Gareth Malone’s Extraordinary School for Boys BBC series approaches this issue head on. Gareth uses LOtC, learning outside the classroom, without fear to take a group of unruly 10 and 11 year old boys on a voyage of self discovery. His overall goal is to increase the boys' reading ages by 6 months.


The series sparks the debate of learning outside the classroom and also challenges the barriers to LOtC cited by teachers. From the school grounds to visits to farms this programme shows how LOtC can be used to creatively teach the curriculum. These out of the classroom experiences, as the programme proves, can have a positive impact on young people’s social, emotional and personal development and engagement with a subject. Work can be made to feel more like play which young minds are more receptive to when being taught “outside the classroom.”


Today’s “cotton wool culture” was also challenged when Gareth involves the boys in woodland management encompassing bow saws and felling trees. No boy or adult was injured and all involved returned safely and intact.


We encourage all to watch this series and find out whether Gareth successfully reaches his goal of raising the boys' reading age by 6 months using LOtC and introducing an element of risk to their learning. The programme discusses a serious issue in an entertaining and light-hearted way.


Why not take a look at our school trips to Paris and our school trips to Barcelona and see how you can use learning outside the classroom to improve students learning experiences. 


European Study Tours Team

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