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Cuban Adventures from Beyond the Classroom!

Thu, 5 June 2014

Cuban Adventures from Beyond the Classroom!

Here’s something we don’t see everyday at EST Towers! The teachers and pupils from Dwight School have sent over LOADS of photos for our viewing pleasure (and general jealousy).     

Cuba is a great destination to visit if you’re studying a language, business or politics, but you should also come just to experience the culture! As part of their trip some of the student’s from Dwight made diary entries to send back home to their loved ones and we’ve got them too!   

Here are some snippets:   

“Today was our first day in Cuba! We woke up in the morning, had breakfast at the hotel and left for the full guided tour at 9 o’clock. We were so excited! We visited the Havana Cigar Factory, The Rum Museum and we toured the magnificent colonial Havana. Around Old Havana we got to see different landscapes as well as traditional buildings. We even met someone that was on the front cover of the National Geographic Magazine!   Each important monument we went to, the tour guide stopped and explained to us the origin of the building or the importance of the place within Old Havana. It was incredibly interesting and filled with artistic and historical relevance.”
Erika & Alexandra

“Today we went to visit a Cuban music conservatoire, called ‘Guillermo Tomas’. The activities coordinator explained how the school was founded in 1904 and how it still upholds the standard to secure sublime musical quality among the students – just like it did back in the beginning. This academy specializes children in a certain instrument of their choice. Interestingly, the student’s fingers, mouth and arms are measured in order to determine the instrument most suitable for the specific child”. 

“Today, we visited the rural areas where indigenous tribes used to live back in the 15th century. After lunch, we boarded a boat with two 85 horsepower engines and set out to see some of the village settlements where those tribes used to live. When we arrived, there were statues of people carrying out tasks that were done in everyday life at that point in history. We then headed back and saw some exotic animals before arriving back at the docks.” 
Etem, Olly & Jacques

“Whilst I am sitting in the hotel lobby, a Cuban son band is playing songs from the Buena Vista Social Club album. It is amazing – there is music literally everywhere in Cuba!”  
Mrs Kennedy

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