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Bring the curriculum to life for your ICT & Computer Science students in Geneva

Fri, 21 June 2013

Bring the curriculum to life for your ICT & Computer Science students in Geneva

Bring ICT and Computer Science to life through our recommended visits, covering everything from computing fundamentals to the technology of tomorrow.

> ICT Discovery

The interactive museum showcases the evolution and exciting future of ICT, driven by the growth in the use of mobile devices and web-related technologies.

After a look at the progress our communications have made, the exhibition moves on to look at more recent inventions and provides a snapshot of the interconnected world we live in today. It also gives a glimpse of what the future could look like and the opportunities that new technological developments may bring.


The first worldwide web server can be seen at CERN, and students can gain an invaluable learning experience from their visit.

Tours of the centre last half a day and can be themed to include acceleration particles, discovering antimatter and information technology, calculations and communication.

Add to your experience by visiting Microcosm exhibition or the exhibition in the Globe of Science and Innovation.

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Contact us today and let us put your Geneva itinerary together for you...  

'My tour planner was always easy to contact and made any changes rapidly. The pack was easy to use, and everything was in order. The efficiency and professionalism was greatly appreciated.' Southfield School for Girls

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